Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

LS results: Voices in BJP grow louder for axing of 'losers'


Guess who has performed and who has failed to deliver for the BJP in the just-concluded Lok Sabha elections. Well, even as the party leadership will soon go into an introspection mode to do an assessment of the Lok Sabha results with a focus on the South Goa debacle, sources say Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant is in the spotlight with speculation rife on how he would go about rewarding the achievers, who are all expected to extract their pound of flesh. Already, voices are being heard loud and clear within the party and outside to axe the losers and reward the achievers. Any questions?

Vijai's claim: Decoding 'joy' of Ministers at South Goa loss

Moments after Captain Viriatbab Fernandes was declared elected from South Goa, Goa Forward Chief Vijaibab Sardesai went to the media with a claim that a couple of Ministers sent congratulations for the INDI alliance's success. Can you guess the Ministers who called up Vijaibab and why they were in celebration mode after Viriatbab’s victory? Were the Ministers elated over Pallavibai Dempo’s defeat or the setback suffered by Congress turncoat Diggu in Margao? Or, is it simply that the Ministers feared that a sweep in both the Lok Sabha seats would have further emboldened the ruling dispensation? Any takers?

Pleasant surprise for Vijai as Captain secures Fatorda feat

The 2,437-vote lead for Captain Viriatbab Fernandes in the Fatorda Assembly segment may leave Goa Forward Chief Vijaibab Sardesai pleased as well as surprised. Pleased, for the simple reason that the BJP could not secure a lead in his fiefdom despite a determined bid to storm his fort by the saffron brigade. Vijaibab may have been surprised because the Captain scored big in Fatorda when he himself has struggled to cross the 1500-vote lead in Fatorda, from where he has been elected thrice since 2012. Interesting, isn’t it

Phal Dessai on back foot after BJP loses battle on Yuri’s turf

When Social Welfare Minister Subhashbab Phal Dessai descended on the Cuncolim battlefield in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls, many a tongue was left wagging about whether the Sanguem MLA will take on Opposition leader Yuribab Alemao in 2027. Post June 4, however, Subhashbab will have to do an introspection of what went wrong for the BJP in Cuncolim as Congress scored an unprecedented lead for Captain Viriato. Opposition leader Yuribab is very much pleased with the poll outcome, more so when the CM Pramod-Subhashbab duo made a determined bid to storm his fort. Any takers?

Sardinha has to eat humble pie after prediction misfires

What has Congress MP Franciscobab Sardinha got to say about the impressive victory of Captain Viriatbab Fernandes in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls? Well, Sardinhbab had not only boycotted the Congress campaign in South Goa after he was denied the Congress ticket but had a prediction that Viriatbab would lose by around 40,000-vote margin go viral. As it turned out, the Captain won the seat by a bigger margin compared to Sardinhbab’s 2019 victory, but also scored big in the MP’s fiefdom Curtorim, thanks to the people’s power. Was Sardinhbab under any impression that only he could win the South Goa Lok Sabha seat? Congress workers wonder.

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