Luizinho needs to honestly answer some crucial questions


LUIZINHBAB FALEIRO'S exit from the Congress has thrown up a host of questions – why did the Congress veteran severe his four-decade old ties with the party? Was GPCC Girish Chodankar the sole cause behind his exit or is there’s more to something than meets the eye? Luizinhbab repeatedly reminds how he was stopped from forming government in 2017 by Congress general secretary Digvijai Singh, but is yet to shed light on whose behalf and for whose benefit Digvijai prevented him from going to the governor. So far, Luizinhbab has not made any reference to arch rival Digambar in any of his statements. Many a question still remains unanswered.

Reginaldo back from pilgrimage: What next?

AFTER LUIZINBAB Faleiro’s exit, Reginaldbab is in the cynosure of all eyes. After senior Congress leadership led by Dinesh Gundu Rao had an interaction with the three-time MLA earlier this week, Reginaldbab headed to an unknown destination, giving some anxious moments. Realization later dawned on Congress leaders that Reginaldbab has not gone anywhere, but had headed to the pilgrim centre of Vailankani in Tamil Nadu. What’s next on Reginaldbab’s agenda, since he has returned home after seeking Mother Mary’s blessings? Wait and watch.

For Girish, party comes first, connections later

HOW DID GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar feel when he had to take on Luizinhbab Faleiro, perceived as his mentor, after the latter’s exit from the Congress? Well, Girishbab was widely considered Luizinho’s blue eyed boy over the years. And, this may perhaps be the first time in his political career that Girishbab took Luizinhbab head on. Girishbab has told his close aides that party comes first for him than relationships. Subhash Shirodkar and Ravi Naik too had come under flak from Girishbab. Any questions?

Why didn’t the bosses call Aleixo to Delhi? 

WHEN OPPOSITION leader Digambar and GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar air dashed to Delhi during the weekend, the duo was holed up at the AICC headquarters, attending a host of election related meetings. Congress workers back home were left to wonder why newly appointed party working president, heavyweight Aleixobab Sequiera was not part of the delegation. Questions are being raised whether Aleixobab was not called to Delhi or whether he was preoccupied with party work in Goa. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Not out, Congress means business in Navelim

THE CONGRESS was swift in executing Plan B in Navelim, a day after Luizinhbab Faleiro quit the party.

And, the plan was executed right in the presence Dinesh Gundu Rao as the AICC observer welcomed Avertanbab Furtado in the party fold with open arms. Party insiders said it was not a coincidence that Dinesh Gundu Rao was in Goa when Avertanbab was inducted in the party. That Dinesh personally welcomed Avertanbab in the party-fold, sources said, is a clear message to the Luizinhbab camp that the Congress means business in Navelim and in Goa. Any takers?

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