Saturday 25 Jun 2022

Cafu releases official biography in Qatar

Cafu releases official biography in Qatar

Brazilian footballer Cafu on Tuesday released his official biography ‘Cafu Saga’ in Qatar in the presence of a large crowd of local and Brazilian media, and many prominent football figures, including former Argentine goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea.

The book written by Mariah Morais and edited by Calone Company was released at the 974 Stadium, one of the eight venues which will host the World Cup in November-December this year. The 2002 World Cup winning captain, which was the fifth title for Selacao, while dedicating his book to his parents said he is hoping that the biography will inspire Brazilian children not to give up on their dreams.

"I hope that the launch of my book can help many people see light at the end of the tunnel, even when they think all is lost. Seeing my life portrayed in the form of a book is a source of pride for me and my family. It's an honor," said the Brazilian while talking to journalists,

The book brings back memories recounted by family, friends and coaches and throws insights on Cafu's career starting with his initial years, and then takes the reader to the glorious moments of his football life.

Cafu stressed the importance of education in shaping his career after he retired from playing football, and said: "I participated in educational courses offered by the European Football Association, with the aim of developing my knowledge of the world of football, and I also took lessons in the English language because of the importance of effective communication, especially in Performing my role as an ambassador. I believe that knowledge is everything, every day there is something different to learn, and it is said that life is a school, so our pursuit of the path of education should not stop.”

And the former AC Milan star continued, "The book summarizes a lot about experiences, and in one of its chapters the focus is on children, and it will be shown soon on one of the platforms. The Brazilian Maria Moraes, who accompanied my World Cup career and has a long history of writing many publications, and the truth of my goal from this publication inspire children to persevere and not give up their dreams, as I did through football, and I want to thank my family for their great role and support for me throughout my career.

The book symbolizes in the first chapter the support for the family that Cafu enjoyed, and stressing the importance of the solidarity of one family, and there are many of these stories that will inspire children and talk about human rights and many other aspects. Emphasizing it, and the book summarizes a lot of feelings, and aims to encourage children to read, and motivate them permanently.

During the signing ceremony, Cafu mentioned his memories with the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, and his coronation with the Brazilian national team in Yokohama, Japan, stressing that the feeling cannot be described at the moment of winning the title, and he raised the World Cup, and said: "All eyes were on us, and during those moments I had a lot of mixed feelings about my childhood, my career and the city I lived in."

On his opinion of Brazil's chances during the upcoming World Finals in Qatar, the ambassador of Qatar's Legacy Program confirmed that the chances of his country's team appear to be high in winning the title in light of the ongoing preparations in full swing, and the great strength that it enjoys with the presence of the most distinguished elements in its ranks.

Regarding the atmosphere that Qatar will look like in the next World Cup, the former Brazilian star continued his speech: Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in Qatar seems ideal, and I am honored to be an ambassador for this World Cup, and everyone is watching the high quality of organization and professionalism, and the wonderful stadiums that Qatar built have won great praise and admiration from everyone. In addition, what distinguishes the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is the closely spaced nature between the eight stadiums that will host the matches.

The Brazilian star said: "During my career, I had the pleasure of playing in four World Cups: 1994 in the United States, 1998 in France, 2002 in Japan and South Korea, and 2006 in Germany, and each of them was special and unique in its own way."

The ambassador of the Qatar Legacy Program concluded: "As a football fan, I believe that Qatar will provide a unique experience for the fans, as they will be able to watch two matches per day, and the presence of fans from all over the world in a limited space will create a fun carnival atmosphere throughout the tournament.

The book has been written in Portuguese and translated into English and will be distributed free of charge in schools.

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