Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

GFA President points out lapses in administration of previous committee



The GFA President Dr Caitano Fernandes has pointed out that the Order of the Arbitration Tribunal in the matter of Youth Sports Club of Colvale, points out to serious lapses in the GFA administration of the previous Committee.
It may be recalled that Youth Sports Club of Colvale filed an appeal before the Tribunal to set aside the GFA’s decision, directing them to play in the Third Division.
“The Tribunal in its order dated 17th March 2023 has in several instances of the judgement pointed out to the serious administrative lapses on the part of the GFA Secretariat which was headed by the then General Secretary Jovito Lopes. There were several grey areas in the minutes of the previous Executive Committee leaving it open to manipulations and misinterpretations,” said the President.
“It cannot be disputed that the decision of the Committee dated 12th May 2022 not to relegate teams was passed in order to take care of the unprecedented situation created by the pandemic, without making adequate provisions for the consequences likely to flow from such a decision,” stated the order signed by Adv. Francisco Tavora- the Chairman and two members Adv. Pritesh Shetty and Adv. Anthony D’Silva.
The Tribunal also points out the fact that the decision to increase the number of teams in the Second Division from 10-12 was neither disapproved nor approved by the previous Executive Committee of the GFA, leaving it open to misinterpretation and plenty of uncertainty. It may also be rightly pointed out that the Annual General Report of the GFA for the 2021-22 season does not indicate YSC Colvale as being the third team to be promoted.
“The present committee has been left to rectify the mess created by the previous committee. When I took over I noticed several anomalies in the status reports of competitions. Even in the AGM book, the records are not clear- the standings and match results are incorrect. I don’t know what the then General Secretary and the Competitions Committee Chairman were doing. Everyone needs to be accountable here. Even the minutes have been haphazardly written,” said Caetano.

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