AIFF development committee sets guidelines for state football development

Clinton D'Souza | MAY 15, 2024, 05:12 PM IST
AIFF development committee sets guidelines for state football development

Panaji: The Development Committee of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), held a virtual meeting on Wednesday to discuss plans for the upcoming year.

In attendance were AIFF Acting Secretary General M Satyanarayan and committee members Cliff Nongrum, Takum Kipa, and Dr. Sonam T. Ethenpa.

Addressing the members, Paul highlighted the significance of the meeting, stating it as the first for the 2024–25 financial year. He emphasized the collaborative effort between states and the AIFF in advancing football development nationwide. Paul expressed hopes for continued progress in the coming year.

Satyanarayan echoed Paul's sentiments, emphasizing the crucial role of states in Indian football's backbone. He acknowledged the positive impact of AIFF's support policies on football's growth across the country. Satyanarayan affirmed the commitment to ongoing collaboration for football's advancement in every part of India.

The Committee put forth recommendations for state football development. Each state is required to organize a minimum of four events annually, utilizing funds provided by the AIFF. These events must include at least one tournament each for junior boys and girls.

Additionally, the Committee mandated the use of the CMS (Central Management System) for all events. It proposed the creation of new rules to ensure smooth fund utilization, subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

These guidelines aim to foster organised and inclusive football development initiatives at the state level, aligning with AIFF's broader objectives for the sport's growth and accessibility across India.

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