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Agnelo Pires | JULY 17, 2021, 07:19 PM IST

Colours are music to the eyes. They always have a great impact on our moods. Beautiful and bright colours are always soothing to the eyes whereas dark and dull colours no doubt put a person offbeat. They have different meanings at different times and places as they surround our life. For instance, the colour 'red' represents enthusiasm, warmth, love and power. But anger and restlessness can also erupt because of the red colour. It all depends on the amount of time that is spent around a particular colour. 

Blue is associated with the sky and sea. It represents tranquillity, relaxation and work efficiency. If the same blue colour is maximised in a small room, then it can lead to depression and sadness. White is a colour of purity, spirituality, simplicity and light. It also means that white can bring about loneliness and emptiness. 

Green is associated with fertility, growth, creativity, harmony, and new ideas. Whereas the colour yellow represents progress, purity and enthusiasm. Orange represents fun, happiness, and warmth. Brown always represents stability of all sorts and pink is associated with joy and happiness.

North direction should have light blue, pestle green or off-white colours. White is best suited for the East direction. If the entrance to the house is in the East direction, then light yellow, the colour of the rising sun,  is also recommended. South direction goes well with the red colour or reddish-brown. Shades of blue are highly recommended in the West direction. White, cream and green are recommended for North-East. Shades of orange, pink and red are defining colours for the South-East direction. Brownish shades are good for South-West and white and light greyish are recommended for the North-West direction. Yellow colour is highly recommended for the centre of the house or the Brahmasthan.

Curtains or tiles or artefacts of the recommended colour of the particular direction can be used instead of painting the entire room. Usually, the children room should have green colour which represents creativity and new ideas. But colour in the form of bed sheets or curtains can also be used.

It is highly recommended to avoid blue colour in the South-East direction as it is a fire direction and blue colour will represent the water. If there is a couple’s bedroom then it is advisable to use green colour in this room either in the form of wall paint or curtains or artefacts. Black colour or dark grey colour must never be used in the house. 

(The writer is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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