Agnelo Pires | OCTOBER 02, 2021, 10:37 PM IST

As toilets have become part and parcel of a compact living, their location in the property also becomes important because of the implications it can have if it is in an inauspicious location. Hence, in ancient times, toilets were always built outside the house. As times changed, inbuilt toilets became a necessity because of safety, security, modernisation and development. 

Because of their very nature, toilets come with an array of flaws, defects and negativities. To counter this, a toilet must be built in the right direction. The best and auspicious direction for having a toilet is West and North-West.

Because of the bodily discharge, it is called a place for germs and bad odour. The infra-red rays exuded by the setting Sun has the capacity to kill bacteria and germs. Hence toilet in the West is considered good and auspicious. If the toilet is in the North-West then the presence of the Air element in this direction helps to get rid of the bad and filthy odour that emanates from the toilet.

Toilets must never be in the North, North-East and the East direction. These directions are considered auspicious and positive. Toilet in North-East will create health and financial problems as well as problems in children’s education.

A South-East toilet will bring forth husband-wife relationship issues, financial problems, delay in marriage and problems to conceive a child. Problems in business, work-related problems, health problems and relationship problems can arise if the toilet is in the South-West.

Brahmasthan or the centre of the house or property is considered the hub of all energy flow. A toilet at this place disturbs the energy flow which disrupts all the energies in the house creating problems of all sorts. Hence, toilets here must be avoided. So also, North-East toilet must be avoided or shifted in the right direction. If it is not possible to avoid or shift it then it must be kept unused. 

If a bathroom-toilet is attached to the bedroom, then the bathroom door, and commode with its cover must be kept closed all the time. If the toilet is in the South-East or South or South-West then it must be kept dry and clean.

Toilet in front or above or below a pooja/ prayer room must be avoided. A prayer room and toilet must not share a common wall. In a bungalow or a duplex house above the main entrance door, it must be seriously avoided. 

The toilet must be always kept clean to stop negativities from multiplying. Sea salt and pyramids can be effectively used to correct the defects by consulting a Vastu expert.

(The writer @ 8805351558 is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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