Tuesday 03 Aug 2021


| JULY 17, 2021, 07:19 PM IST


This is an Aggie Rod film. As we walk our journey of life we have the option of doing good but we seldom seize this opportunity. There are ups and downs in life and suicide is not the option during the lows.


The film is to the point and truly short in nature. The scenes unfolding are corollaries to the previous ones. The sequences therein are captivating and interesting.


The film has two characters in the film played by Aggie Rod and Lusiano. Both give a good account of their acting abilities. Lusiano outshines in his natural acting. A female artiste is scarcely used and she too displays a good set of emotions.


There are no songs in the film. The background music and score are effective. Songs could make the film more effective. 


The film is well captured. The locales are justified and the shot selection is varied. The film is nicely edited. The natural beautiful greenery of Goa near the ‘Manos’ is well captured.


The film is well directed. All aspects of filmmaking are seen in the flick. The suspense created is well maintained.

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