Honest Tiatr review: ANJBODDVO... A tale of sweet revenge

Finally, the Tiatr has restarted after a break of 18 months. Having no choice as no other hall is available elsewhere, the tiatr aficionados rushed to Margao to watch their popular form of entertainment that has commenced on stage at the Ravindra Bhavan Margao commending the restarting of tiatr as a welcome step in the right direction.

Melba Vas, A V Fernandes, S Haldankar (Tiatr Mogi) | OCTOBER 09, 2021, 10:36 PM IST
Honest Tiatr review: ANJBODDVO... A tale of sweet revenge


The tiatr centres around the family of an advocate whose wife is unable to bear him a child. Frustration leads him to the open arms of his junior in office. Things get so bold that the junior advocate when on a visit to the house of her boss indulges in romance with him fully knowing that the head of the family, the advocate's father, and his wife are present in the other room. The wife gets pregnant but is driven out of the house that belongs to his father to lease his new girlfriend. The story ends up at a beautiful climax.


The script has no depth and the writer has run out of ideas in developing the story. Being a new writer he has probably no clue how to proceed and goes on to finish the story as thoughts come in his mind without ascertaining the dramatic element and the required logic. Hinting that the junior is in love with her boss for some ulterior motives in the inaugural scene with her father, spoils the suspense. Certain developments in sequences unfolding the story are questionable as it defies logic.


The tiatr has a new cast mixed with seasoned tiatrists, and hats off to them the tiatr rises due to their good acting. Justin de Sanguem is great and natural as the father. Rahul and Socorina are convincing as the husband-wife duo. Pascoal de Chicalim is overacting and exaggerating as Santan alias Sultan, the father of the junior advocate. Jasmine is the cynosure of all eyes. Her brilliant portrayal of the role as the junior advocate in the garb of a deceitful romantic lover is stupendous. In the comedy section - Agnelo, Joyel, Dorothy, Celeste and Julius do a great job. However, a jab at double meaning that aims at vulgarity could have been avoided by Agnelo. 


The band, though new, dished out average music. The music was soothing to the ears. Rons presents two great solos, and both are well researched, composed and sung in his inimical style. Edward dishes out a good solo and then comes back for a meaningful duet and trio too. Edward is a bright star shining on the horizon. A comedy duo by Agnelo and Joyel, and another one by Jasmine and Velbe too deserve special mention. 


The tiatr has comedy as an integral part of it as well as the non-stop drama style comedy giving great laughing moments. Agnelo Joyel and Dorothy combine well. New talent Celeste Pereira is good but doesn’t get enough support from the artistes she has to interact with, but as new talent has good timing. Julius is natural. 


The sets are nicely designed but the use of plastic chairs should have been avoided. The sets should be designed keeping in mind the furniture too. The light effects were timely and effective. So also the background music, though scanty, was effective.


There is no direction visible in the tiatr but the individual excellence by each artiste saves the day. The director's contribution was missed more because of the overacting by some artistes.

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