Antonio Pinto | JULY 31, 2021, 09:32 PM IST

Vote wisely man  

Election time around  

Loudspeakers at full blast sound 

Politicians with their longest tongues 

lies lies and lies on song 

Campaigning door to door

Money, alcohol and more 

Begging for the vote 

A wolf in sheep clothes 

Is it worth voting for this man 

Think wisely people, I know you can 

Ask him questions to know his worth 

His long tongue will spill all the dirt 

His past will say a lot 

Get to know him, forget him not 

It is your decision 

Vote with a better vision 

The choice is yours that you make 

Blame no one for your mistake 

God gave you the intelligence 

Use it judiciously for Governance 

You deserve what you get

Know what I mean 

Karma shows you that 

ou pay for your sin 

- Antonio Pinto  

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