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Vastu tips for bathrooms (with toilet)

Agnelo Pires | OCTOBER 09, 2021, 10:36 PM IST
Vastu tips for bathrooms (with toilet)

Modern living without a bathroom in the house is unthinkable. Saving the available limited space has made it compulsory to have a bathroom with an attached toilet. Although the principles of Vastushashtra highly recommend having a bathroom and toilet separately, modern living thinks and does otherwise. And so, a bathroom with a toilet inside it has become a new normal. 

Like any other room in a house, a bathroom also has a specific place and direction which makes it auspicious. The best and auspicious direction for the bathroom is North and East as water is considered auspicious in this direction. North-East is always heavy with the water element and hence, there can be only a bathroom without a toilet. If the bathroom with toilet is in the North, then bath should be in North and toilet towards North-West as shown in the picture.

The shower and the tap inside the bathroom should be towards North of North-East or East of North-East. All the electric appliances like a geyser, water heater and switch-board should be towards South-East of the bathroom. Soap, shampoo, detergent and washable dirty clothes should be kept in the North-West. If water needs to be stored in a bucket or drum then it should be in the West. The slope in the bathroom should be made towards North or North-East and the drainage towards North-West. It is advisable to have a window in the bathroom towards North or East.

North-East bathroom with toilet will affect the positive energies of this direction. If it is in the South-East, the fire element will be disturbed and bring all the fire-related problems as well as unwanted expenses. South-West is the direction of the Earth element, and a bathroom here will make water overrule the Earth element creating instability and financial problems. Air being the element of the North-West, the bathroom here will give rise to interpersonal relationship problems and may create loneliness problems. Brahmasthan or the centre of the house is a hub of all the energy flow. The bathroom here will disturb the energy flow creating many problems. Hence it must be avoided without a second thought.

A bathroom in the South-East, South, South-West and North-West should be kept dry and clean. Water storage here must be avoided. Only light colours should be used and the bathroom door should be kept closed. The defects and the flaws of a bathroom in the wrong direction can be corrected with pyramids. It has been proven that pyramids have the capacity to convert negative energies into positive ones. But a Vastu expert's advice should be taken to make use of this remedy.

(The writer @ 8805351558 is a professional Vastu expert based at Panaji)

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