D'Silva Fast Food serving up delights since the 90s

Discover the true essence of culinary tradition at D'Silva Fast Food in Miramar, a favourite since the early 90s. Annoushka Fernandes of The Goan discovers the rich culinary history of this local eatery

| MAY 26, 2024, 01:03 AM IST
D'Silva Fast Food serving up delights since the 90s

Authentic flavours of a region are best discovered through the foods favoured by locals, they embody the true essence of the culinary tradition, and one such place is D'Silva Fast Food in Miramar. Among the sea of newly established cafes in Miramar, ‘D'Silva’s’ as they’re locally known stands out as an example of culinary tradition, having delighted locals with its delectable offerings since the early 90s.

The cutlet paos legacy

D'Silva’s has long been synonymous with their delectable cutlet paos, which is a popular street food in Goa, made with thinly sliced meat that has been tenderised, marinated in spices, coated in semolina, fried and tucked into bread with salad.

D’Silva’s began their journey 30 years ago, with a humble stall attached to their family home in the early 90s, which has now flourished under the stewardship of Nazareth D'Silva, carrying forward the legacy of his parents.

Expanding the menu

"Cutlet paos are what we are known for," says Nazareth. "It started with my parents making just beef cutlet bread, but as demands grew, we diversified with a variety of cutlets like fish, chicken and sausage, gradually expanding our menu."

Family-run business

Since taking over D'Silva Fast Food in 2011 after his father's passing, Nazareth has continued the family legacy with the help of his mother and wife. Despite the rush of customers, the family remains hands-on in the kitchen. "We manage somehow, even during busy times. Our family steps in and works together," says Nazareth. While they have helpers, Nazareth’s mother and his wife handle the core cooking duties. Nazareth emphasises, "All the masalas are crafted by my mom who works tirelessly supervising the kitchen and ensuring no compromise on quality and taste."

Adapting to changing preferences

Speaking about the emergence of several new cafes offering Western food in the area, Nazareth states that there is no competition. “It all depends on the customers—what they like, how they want it, and what they prefer," he says. "To me, it's the love from our regulars that makes a difference. They keep coming back to eat with us, which shows that ours is the best in the area. People mostly prefer our cutlet bread over going elsewhere," Nazareth confidently states.

Introducing new items

As customer preferences evolved, the D’Silva’s adapted the menu, by adding various new items. “We gradually expanded our menu to include new items. Beginning with cafreal and sausage bread, suggestions poured in other snacks such as croquettes and fish cutlets. Responding to our patrons' desires, we continued to introduce a variety of items. Most recently, the addition of roce omelette was driven by popular demand, as customers expressed their desire for this savoury option as well,” he stated.

Being in a bustling tourist spot, D’Silva Fast Food has also added Indian food items to the menu to cater to tourists visiting the area, "We've included options for tourists as well, starting with Indian-Chinese items, we also offer choices for those who prefer beef or chicken, as well as a variety of Indian dishes. Our menu caters to both locals and tourists. There's something for everyone," he added.

Meeting growing demands

Over time, D'Silva Fast Food has not only diversified its menu but also bolstered its infrastructure to meet the demands of its growing clientele. "We started small then added a few tables, but now, with increasing demand, we are undergoing renovations to increase our seating capacity," Nazareth explains.

According to Nazareth, the allure of D'Silva Fast Food lies in their dedication to service which draws people. "Our primary focus has always been on serving people," Nazareth emphasises. "It is the genuine care and satisfaction of our customers that truly distinguishes us from the others."

Customer speaks

A loyal customer shared, "Whenever I've been in Panaji craving some comforting food, my go-to spot is D'Silva's. I always order their cutlet bread and then head straight to Miramar Beach for a relaxing session. The combination of their food and the beach ambience just hits the spot, especially on rainy days. There's nothing quite like enjoying a hot cutlet pao by the beach."

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