Combating Diabetes with ayurvedic medicine

#TGLIFE | JANUARY 16, 2023, 08:33 PM IST
Combating Diabetes with ayurvedic medicine

Diabetes is a serious issue that haunts our health system. It is growing alarmingly in developing countries, just like any viral disease. Diabetes is one of the prime seven reasons that causes death. It also invites other life-threatening illnesses. Heart diseases, stroke, blindness or kidney diseases are some of them. 

Diabetes has been known to mankind since the times of Ayurveda (around 4000 years). Ayurveda has categorised Pramed as one of the eight Maharog (biggest illnesses) and has underlined its importance. Sleep during the day, absence of physical activity, too much consumption of milk, curds, sugar, jaggery etc are the main reasons for Diabetes. 

Recognising the need of the times, Simandhar Herbal Pvt Ltd from Mumbai has produced 100% ayurvedic medicine for killing Diabetes. This medicine is available as Yasaka in liquid form. With constituents like Kadulimb, Trifala, Jambhul seed, Kutki, Kirayata, Gulvel, Gudmar and Haldi which are anti-diabetic herbs, Yasaka is prepared. According to ayurveda, Diabetes is an illness that sets in with an exaggerated nutritional diet.

It imbalances the kapha dosha and Medo dhatu in the body. To restore these factors, one needs to consume kapha nashak (medicines that kill cough) and mednashak (medicines that kill med or fat). Due to these medicinal ingredients, the amount of Vayu and Aakash (air and space) in the Pancha Mahabhuta increases and controls the kapha dosha and med dhatu in the body. And eventually, it reduces Diabetes.

Jambhul seed is one of the best controllers of sugar in the blood. However, sometimes it leads to constipation. To avoid that, trifala is being used in Yasaka. Kutaki is bitter and hence kafanashak. Activating the liver is the main goal of Kutaki. The liver helps in controlling blood sugar. Gulvel is like Amrut (nectar). Ayurveda calls it Amruta. Gulvel is one of the best chemical liquids.

Sugar in the blood is considered to be a very crucial factor in Diabetes, but controlling the level of sugar in the blood does not cure Diabetes. Because, Diabetes is the malfunctioning of the digestive system. It results adversely on many dhatus. It disturbs their working and the body has to face many ill effects. Gulvel is a chemical liquid which takes care of the digestion process and dhatupariposhan (provide nutrition to the various hormones in the body). Many patients admit that they feel good after consuming Yasaka. Sometimes they say so, even when the blood sugar is not in total control. This is the strength of Yasaka. Many times the patient does not feel energetic even if the sugar is under control with allopathic medicines. They have complaints like lethargy, fatigue, constipation etc. 

If the patient has newly acquired Diabetes, and if his sugar is not more than 250 m gram, then with appropriate diet, exercise and Yasaka, the patient can bring the sugar well in control. If the disease is chronic and is on allopathic medicines, then Yasaka, as a supplementary medicine, also proves very effective. 

If Yasaka is added to the allopathic medicines, then the doses of the allopathic medicines can be reduced. One can avoid the ill effects of Diabetes. One can reduce the dose of insulin. Yasaka should be consumed daily in the morning and evening, on empty stomach. Yasaka is a complete ayurvedic medicine that has no side or ill effects. Yasaka is necessary to boost your immune system, make you feel energetic and keep the ill effects of Diabetes at bay.

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