‘Koozhangal’: India’s official entry for 94th Academy Awards

TGLife | NOVEMBER 28, 2021, 12:03 AM IST
‘Koozhangal’: India’s official entry for 94th Academy Awards

“It’s a simple story told in the simplest form. And it is borrowed from my life itself. The film is based on the sufferings that my sister and her small child went through due to an alcoholic husband,” said the director of this Tamil film, Vinothraj P S at a media interaction held on Saturday. Chellapandi, the child artist in the film was also present at the interaction and it is his debut in acting.

The film ‘Koozhangal’ is India’s official nomination to Oscars. The film, which is also a contender for the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi medal, has been screened at various film festivals and has won accolades across the globe.
The director said that Koozhangal is based on the relationship between an alcoholic father and his son and presents their journey to bring back the wife who has gone off to her father’s house.
“I shot the film in my own village as both the story and the landscape were close to my heart. The landscape depicted in the film forms the third character as the behaviour of human beings are also influenced by the climate and geography where they live. The arid landscape and sweltering hot sun in which the entire plot is set are important elements conditioning the conduct of the characters,” said Vinothraj while responding to a query on importance of the landscape in the film.
Narrating his struggles while making the film, Vinothraj said that initially they didn’t have sufficient funds to go for the feature film. “We had sent a rough cut of the film to the NFDC Film Bazaar with the hope of finding a producer. It was noticed by noted Tamil director Ram, who later came forward to support us. Subsequently the film was produced by director Vignesh Shivan and actor Nayanthara.”
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