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Qmin Shop: A one-stop gourmet store now in Goa

#TGLIFE | SEPTEMBER 29, 2022, 11:20 PM IST
Qmin Shop: A one-stop gourmet store now in Goa

With its vibrant and aesthetic décor elements - pops of colour and statement lighting, spacious interiors exuding a cosy and trendy vibe, Qmin Shop, the newly opened gourmet store at Vivanta Goa, Panaji, located in the heart of the capital city, provides the perfect setting for an ideal hangout destination and a place you come to, when you want to satiate your gourmet needs.

What began as IHCL’s culinary food delivery platform - Qmin app, has now metamorphosed into a lifestyle gourmet store - Qmin Shop, in its physical avatar. Part gourmet store, part café, one can have the best of both worlds here. Order a sandwich or a pastry and coffee, and then meander to the various gourmet offerings, attractively and neatly displayed on wooden shelves, dotting the periphery of the expansive store.

From sourcing the finest gourmet products to creating a bespoke luxury gift hamper filled with an array of artisan produce and relishing savoury treats like puffs and samosas or desserts like pastries and tea cakes, you know you can count on Qmin Shop, for their flavour and quality. The emphasis on the finest produce, locally sourced, is hard-to-miss. 

What’s more, if a break from cooking is what you’re seeking and a treat for your taste buds, there are ‘Heat the Treats’ meal options from the ‘Ready to Go’ section, that you can carry home to enjoy at leisure. Chicken Xacuti, Dal Makhni, Prawn Balchao, Pork Sorpotel, Mutton Biryani - there is a lot to choose from and something to wow every palate. 

There are freshly baked breads too and viennoiserie – think Baguettes, Goan Balchao buns, Pain au Chocolat, Almond Croissant. Pair these with an array of coffees, that you can relax and sip, comfortably seated in an elegantly designed space and you have a winning combination. 

There is outdoor seating too, if you enjoy an al fresco ambience. The separate entrance, apart from the main entry from the Hotel lobby, affords you a discreet option to enter Qmin, in case it’s just a quick purchase you are darting in for.   

Not just a great place to catch up with a friend or have a quick bite yourself, it’s just as much a destination for stocking up your kitchen, with a wide selection of delicatessen, cheese, cookies, coffees, pastas, sauces, juices, olive oil, smoothies, chocolates, from the ‘On the Run’, ‘Grab and Go’ and ‘Local and Global’ sections. 

Pick up some homemade Rawa ladoos, a Bebinca or even a Kaju Katli, as a tasty souvenir – in an attractive, colourful and environment-friendly packaging, if you are heading back from Goa or visiting a friend or family locally. Don’t leave without some dainty vanilla or chocolate macaroons, for yourself. 

Championing local, small-scale artisan producers, being a part of their ethos, one can spot local stuff galore - whether it is coconut oil, cashew nuts or red rice on the local counters, or ladoos or Bolinhas in the desserts section, boasting of top-notch quality, made by local women. 

The friendly and warm staff, quick service and affordably priced, quality products, add to one’s memorable experience at Qmin Shop and you’re bound to leave with a smile of satisfaction. 

Open daily from 11 am – 9 pm, Qmin shop, located centrally in Panjim, with its incomparable selection of mouth-watering epicurean products, is sure to become the one-stop gourmet shop for food enthusiasts and gourmands in Goa. 

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