Thursday 22 Oct 2020

Exercise routine for the elderly

| MARCH 25, 2020, 02:15 AM IST

There is no age-limit on when you should start focusing on your health. It is always advised to perform your exercises at every age to stay fit, stretch muscles, strengthen bones and improve blood circulation. Regular exercises also improve our mental state making us more calm and stress-free.   

Once you turn 50 years of age, it becomes more important to exercise regularly in order to prevent any health issues know to effect older people. For example, during old age, our spinal health starts to deteriorate, hip joints start to degenerate, grip strength gets weak etc. You can prevent these problems by practising some exercises daily to strengthen the muscle and bones. Here are a list of thing you should be doing to prevent all these issues.  

Strengthen hands

Our grip strength tends to decrease with age. So, people over the age of 50 should practice grip strengthening exercises. You can do wrist gripping exercises or can use sponge ball for it.  

Hip workout 

Sitting for a long time may make our hip joints stiff and inflexible as a result you may face problems during walking or any other activities. So, you can practice squats and yoga asanas.  


Meditation is not only good for people of 50 years of age but it is also beneficial for adults. It calms our mind and relieves stress keeping numerous mental and health issues at bay.   

Exercises for balancing 

Balancing exercises include standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, walking a line etc. But you can fall and get injured while doing this exercise for which it is strictly recommended to do it under supervision.

Spinal health

 Try to elongate the spine, neck and shoulder bones. You can also practice some spine stretching exercises like the lower back stretch and spinal twist.

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