The corrupt should not blame others

In less than a month since its launch, “The Goan” has arguably turned out to be the choice of Goa.

Capt Felino D’Souza | AUGUST 23, 2012, 02:35 PM IST

You have aptly demonstrated the power of the mighty pen asmany a skeleton has already started tumbling from the closets of the so calledpolitical heavy weights. Your in-depth investigation into the many scams thathad rocked the state during the tenure of the erstwhile Congress government hasfinally compelled the present government to take cognisance and instantly ordervigilance probes (although we are skeptical of the results of such probes goingby history).

As you have rightly said, the going may now start gettingtough as the doors that opened easily at first, may not anymore after yourinitial reports. However, we sincerely hope that you will be able to sustainthe heat till the guilty are brought to book.

 As expected, thepolitical players have already started playing the dirty game they are bestknown for – passing the buck. Take the case of the PWD scam. The statement bythe ex-CM Digambar Kamat that PWD was not his portfolio and he has no problemwith an inquiry is downright scandalous. How can the CM of the state disown soblatantly, the gross financial irregularities carried out by his own cabinetcolleague with or without his connivance, especially when he was also thefinance minister? This is like a father disowning his son after being caught onthe wrong foot. Is he corroborating the fact that Goa was run for five years bya CM with no teeth or control over the indulgences of his cabinet? And how canthe ex-PWD minister shun responsibility with such ease, for all the mess thathe has left behind and squarely blame the CM and officials of his department?This situation is indeed extremely sickening to say the least. It is extremelyhard to believe that Officials of PWD would indulge on a tender signing spreewithout the express (verbal?) orders of the boss.

Elected representatives need to realize that with theenormous power that they wield by virtue of their constitutional positions andwhich they openly flaunt in luxury cars with trailing security brigades, theyalso have an enormous responsibility towards the state and the electorate thatvoted them to power.

It is high time that these two gentlemen, if we may callthem so, should stop playing cat and mouse games and own responsibility or comeclean from the reportedly multi-crore PWD scam. Otherwise they have no moralright to face the electorate at the next elections. 

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