Mid day meal delicacies- lizards and bugs

Ankita Sharma / The Goan July 06, 2013

Goa’s Self Help Group run kitchens have been dishing out lizards, bugs and other poison in food

The then Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar had once said that the food served in mid day meals were unfit even for animals. He was quite right. It still is when he is the Chief Minister.

As The Goan revisits some of the most shocking cases that have been happening with alarming regularity, as the Education Department and FDA remain mute to what goes on in the name of meals in the schools.

June 27, 2013


No of ill students – 86

Shri Mallikarjun High School

Students fell ill after they discovered dead beetle in their lentils

April 8 2012


No of ill students – 12


Students fell ill after eating laddoos that had fungal growth

July 29, 2011


No of ill students - 12

Our lady of Carmel high school, Carimnagar

Students fell ill after consuming stale pav bhaji

June 16, 2011


No of ill students – 6

Gandhinagar Government Primary School

Gauri Ganesh Self Help Group served pulao that was contaminated with unknown substance

June 15, 2011


No of ill students - 54

Murgao Government High School

Students eating mid-day meal found a dead lizard in the pea curry

The cases mentioned above are just a few. A Goa Assembly question reported a few years ago stated that there were fifteen cases of food poisoning in 2009 alone. The question is despite the fact that unhygienic conditions and unpalatable food abound across Goa, the government refuses to stem the rot.

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