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A tiatr title nearly put Mario Menezes in a sticky situation but he stuck to his guns and waited till people watched the show and were proved wrong. A look back

Daniel F de Souza / The Goan | AUGUST 14, 2012, 02:44 PM IST
Title verification

When Tragedy King Mario Menezes announced that his monsoonshow would be called ‘Padri Mogan Poddla’ little did he know that the titlewould itself land him in the midst of unwanted controversies.

Tiatr fans that are sensitive and opinionated found thetitle to be controversial, hurting the sentiments of the Catholic community.Many fans questioned his wisdom in having the gall to title his new play withsuch a sensational name that could rake up unnecessary questions.  ‘I received phone calls and threats over thephone. People even warned me of black flag protests outside the theatres if Idared to stage the tiatr. They warned me not to stage the play with such anaccusing title’ said Mario Menezes. He further added, ‘but I was sure of what Iwas doing and was convinced that my play had nothing to cast any aspersions.Neither was there anything negative in the play to earn him err of the viewersand hence decided to go ahead despite all the threats.’

Mario Menezes had to insert a sub-script though below thetiatr title in the future advertisements to substantiate his justification inso titling the play. ‘Some people even went to the extent of accusing him thathe has cast Fr Nevel Vell’lekar in his play to give him acceptance and anadvantage due to his sensational tiatr title. “But that was not the reason Icast him” asserts Mario Menezes.

Once the tiatr was released however and the people actuallywatched the play and realised that while the name may have appearedcontroversial, the play was not, Mario was vindicated. The show has now crossedthe silver jubilee mark this season. 

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