Thursday 23 Mar 2023

California Goans decry coal expansion at MPA


Coal activities in Goa will destroy our environment and make it impossible to live due to its noise and coal dust pollution having negative effects on human health.

They want to carry coal, but are the Goans benefiting? Or are we sacrificing our health and our economy for the benefit of someone else?

- Nadia D’Souza e Rebello,

Human Resource, Applied Materials, California, USA


Coal transportation has caused irreversible damage to Goa and are Goans benefiting from this?

My beloved Goa did not come into existence just like that, so let us come together and fight to save Goa's greatest assets from the clutches of corporates. Mog Asum.

- Anunsya D Cunha E Pereira,

Case Manager - County of Santa Clara, California USA


Coal will have a bad impact on Goa's environment and the health of Goans. Coal mining is a dirty business in our small beautiful Goa. Coal will pollute all of Goa and Goan people will suffer dangerous respiratory diseases like Asthma and cancer like never before.

- Emran Shaik,

Independent contractor (self-employed)


Here are my thoughts: The intention of the Goa BJP government was to allow Adani, Jindal and other industrialist cronies to bring in more coal even if it means affecting the health of Goan citizens and the environment. The so-called Public Hearings were a farce just to buy time for their nefarious activities and turned out to be a slap on the faces of Goans.

No politician, regardless of political party, has the interest of Goans at heart. Unfortunately, Goans vote the same scoundrels into power and then complain about them for five years.

Now is the time to show the power of citizens’ unity by pursuing all legal and democratic means and holding elected representatives responsible. It’s now or never, and we stand behind every Goan fighting for a coal-free Goa that I remember growing up in.

- Savio Rodrigues


Covid-19 had hit us so badly. The catastrophe of human life was living evidence of man-made folly. Coal transportation is one of the many issues that Goa is facing today. The coal usage is not for Goa, but the resulting pollution is. Fossils are a thing of the past. The effects of burning fossil fuels, especially coal, are having far-reaching effects on our climate and ecosystems. The burning of fossil fuels is the primary cause of current climate change, altering the earth’s ecosystems and causing human and environmental health problems.

Energy generating companies have many other renewable energy options such as solar, wind, tidal or hydroelectric energy. The Goa government is set to destroy whatever is left of this tiny state. Our state is gone in the wrong hands. The deliberate neglect of this issue is causing us a lot of pain and damage. Oh man! When will you learn a lesson? We’re just dust and unto dust, we shall go. Everything we forcefully or selfishly accomplished will remain behind. We only live once.

As Shakespeare has said, “The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we’re underlings”.

A situation like Joshimath is awaiting us. Oh man! Do not hurt Peter to please Paul or else be ready to face the music.

- Remiza Xavier Dias,

Retired School Teacher


"Go outside and get some fresh air." These are the words I waited for after school. Fresh air meant no more homework. Fresh air meant soccer in the fields with the other kids. Fresh air meant 7 tiles, bike riding, and climbing the neighbourhood guava trees in search of that refreshing crunch and tart sweetness. Because in Goa, we have always been given the chance to eat from heavily laden fruit trees. We get to run in open fields. We head to the beaches and enjoy picnics under the Banyan tree. We fish in the ocean, we swim in the creeks, and we fill our hands with boram. My grandparents did it. My parents did it. I did it. Don't our children and grandchildren deserve it as well?

Coals at the beach. Coal dust in our river. Toxic air, contaminated rivers, and depleted forests.

All for the black gold that will kill us all.

If we continue to elect incompetent politicians and listen to leaders that seek only to scam us to line their already fat pockets, we only contribute to the further destruction of our land. It is our duty as the beneficiaries of this abundant paradise to protect it. It is our duty to keep it such for the next seven generations to come. Mog Asum.

- Joseph Lourenço,


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