Divine Mercy Chaplet in original Konkani tune released for global devotees

Master mariner, priest, singers, musicians collaborate on devotional project

Divine Mercy Chaplet in original Konkani tune released for global devotees


A collaboration between a master mariner, a priest, singers and musicians has led to the release of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in an original Konkani tune for devotees across the globe.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet in Konkani was released on February 2, to mark the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fr Noel Menezes, a Pilar priest presently based in Carona-Aldona who has been the music composer of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, said Goans and Konkani-speaking people all over the world will have yet a new Konkani melody to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.


The idea of an original Konkani tune for the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a popular devotional prayer among Catholics around the world, was initiated by Joel Fernandes, a master mariner by profession from Velim who pursued his studies at South Tyneside College in the UK. 

“During my college days, I had heard a few of my classmates praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, also known as the 3 o'clock prayer. They spoke about the miraculous blessings it endowed,” said Joel, the producer of the project.

“I was also curious to pray the Chaplet in order to gain a favour, and I spontaneously vowed to God that if I was granted the favour, then I too would promote the mercy rosary devotion in Konkani.”

During his search for a printed copy of the Chaplet, he also came upon a musical version sung in English. He was impressed to note over a million views on YouTube and decided to follow it daily.

“The musical version I listened to was very well arranged. I enjoyed this sung version, and it soon became part of my daily routine. The video was excellent, and the music was truly appealing,” recalled Joel.

Having experienced the favours requested, Joel, now a fervent devotee, decided to produce an original Konkani tune to the Divine Mercy Chaplet to fulfil his vow. 


Joel approached Fr Noel Menezes, but could not give him a reference to the video that inspired him as the link on YouTube was no longer available. 

“I could not explain to Fr Noel what and how the video was presented. All I told Fr Noel was that it should be of good sound quality and appealing,” said Joel.

Fr Noel said he was equally thrilled to know that there was no Divine Mercy Chaplet done in a Konkani tune and immediately accepted Joel’s request. 

“A couple of years passed, and we soon got into the Covid pandemic. By that time, a lot of productions started featuring in Konkani,” said Fr Noel. 

Joel finally fulfilled his vow with the project completed last year.

The entire project was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mix Magic Masters, Benaulim, by Alfin Fernandes. Rhythm guitar for the Collect has been played by Grayston Vaz. 

Acacio Pereira, Luella (Lulu) Fortes, Maria Alacoque Morenas, Valerie Fernandes and Grayston Vaz have lent their voice as lead singers and choir. Marwin Antonio Da Costa is the music producer.

“I felt this version is mind-blowing, and so anointing,” said Joel.

Music producer and noted musician, Marwin Antonio Da Costa, kept the holy frame of Divine Mercy in front of him while he created each track on this project. 

“The experience throughout the making of this project was blissful, so touching powerful and nourishing. This project is total God's work,” acknowledged Marwino.

The song can be viewed on YouTube at https://youtu.be/xKmlweWKg9M

Joel Fernandes

Fr Noel Menezes

Marwino Da Costa

Lulu Fortes

Maria Alacoque Morenas

Valerie Fernandes

Acacio Pereira

Alfin Fernandes

Grayston Vaz

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