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Dubai Goan girl donates books to schools in Goa

Rachel Foundation hands over books to Diocesan Society of Education as part of ‘Books for All’ project

THE GOAN | JUNE 28, 2024, 11:58 PM IST
Dubai Goan girl donates  books to schools in Goa

[From L to R] Reuben Coelho, Terrence Dias, Fr Mariano Dias, Rachel Dias and Deepali Naik during a function in Panaji on Thursday to donate the books.


A 9-year-old Goan girl’s foundation based in Dubai on Thursday donated dozens of books to the Diocesan Society of Education (DSE) in Panaji-Goa to create and support school libraries, as part of her ‘Books for All’ project. 

Rachel Jasmina Dias, who has set up the Rachel Foundation, is working with DSE Secretary Fr Jesus Rodrigues, in ongoing efforts to promote the culture of reading within the Goan children community. 

The books, which comprise a variety of titles including stories, history and science, will entertain and educate children.

Among those present at the event to hand over the books to the DSE included Fr Mariano Dias, (Assistant to the DSE Secretary), Deepali Naik (Project Director, District Rural Development Authority, South Goa), Rachel Dias, her father, Terrence, and his nephew, Reuben Coelho.

Speaking about the positive outcome that can be achieved through the collaboration between Rachel Foundation and the Diocesan Society of Education, Fr Mariano Dias, Assistant to the DSE Secretary, said: “We are pleased to partner with Rachel Foundation and support the good work of Rachel Dias to promote the culture of reading among the younger generation of Goa.” 

“Literacy is a foundation of childhood development, as it unlocks the minds of young people through their ability to comprehend and enjoy the endless stories and lessons contained within literature. We look forward that the donated books will help to bring these same advantages and a source of enjoyment and inspiration to children.”

Deepali Naik, Project Director, District Rural Development Authority, South Goa, appealed to people to foster and support the reading habit.

“We like to inspire you to read with your children and fill their shelves with books and their days with trips to the library. But not every child has the good fortune to live in an environment that supports their literacy needs. Please give back to the community by supporting charities that give books to kids and promote literacy,”said Deepali Naik.

Stressing on the impact of literacy on children development, Rachel’s mother Remediana Dias, who is presently in Dubai and could not attend the event, said books transform learning and help teachers teach and bring students closer to their lessons, thereby lifting the quality of education forever.

“On behalf of Rachel Foundation, I would like to thank Stephan Matthew from The Kings School, Daniel Saldanha from Apple International School, Suri Tahir from Dubai National School and Aarav Chaterjee from Woodlem Park School, Dubai for their support in donating books for the Books for All project,” acknowledged Remediana.

“Reading not only promotes brain development in children but also reduces stress, anxiety and boredom. I hope these books will bring moments of joy to all the children who read them, sparking their curiosity and giving them a means to travel to places they dream of.”


The Rachel Foundation was founded in May 2023 with a passion to improve the lives of disadvantaged children by providing inspiring book collections to underfunded schools, libraries, and organisations across Goa and other developing countries. 

“So far, it has reached out to kids in Mauritius, Vietnam and Goa. It aspires to empower and embolden every last child through a culture of reading. For many of the children it serves, it represents a crucial link to a strong literacy education, and it seeks to help build and nurture support systems for the development of literate minds,” said Remediana.

“By immersing children in an integrated world of literary experiences that teaches them, first-hand, the impact of reading on every aspect of life, imagination is ignited and confidence is built for a prosperous future, regardless of race, economic status, or personal capabilities.”

Explaining the purpose of her foundation, Rachel said supporting the cause of reading among children is important to because she too finds joy in reading books. 

“Whenever I feel lost, I read a book and by reading stories about people like me or – better yet about people I dream of becoming – I learn a little something about what it means to be a caring and different human being,” said Rachel.

“My favourite book series is ‘Little People, Big Dreams’. When I was 6, my school principal, who was my reading buddy, gave it to me. I have read most of the books in the series and Marie Curie’s story is my favourite. These books inspire me.”

Earlier on April 10, the Rachel Foundation in association with Goa Sudharop, an organisation based in the USA and Goa, handed over 150 kgs of books and resources to underprivileged children in the interiors of San Jose de Areal village in Salcete. 

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