Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Goans celebrate São João tradition in Vancouver

THE GOAN | JULY 05, 2024, 11:38 PM IST
Goans celebrate São João tradition in Vancouver


Dozens of Goans celebrated the São João tradition at the Bear Creek Park in Surrey, Vancouver, on June 23.

Responding to an initiative led by Fr Nixon D’Silva and Ashney Rebello, about 60 Goans beat the Gumot and enjoyed wearing colourful Kopels, besides taking part in various games for young and old, with the highlight being the penalty shootout. 

Fr Cannio Cardozo was also there to support the Goans at the event.

The sumptuous meal and the aroma of Xacuti and Sorpotel gave everyone the feel of being in Goa. Though the event ended around 8.30 pm, it imprinted on everyone the lasting memories.

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