Goans celebrate World Goa Day in Karachi

Goans celebrate World Goa Day in Karachi

Goans celebrating World Goa Day in Karachi on September 16.


Goans in Karachi celebrated World Goa Day with a programme organised by the Goinkars Own Academy (G.O.A) on September 16.

The chief guest for at the event was Archbishop of Karachi Benny Travas, while the guests of honour were Fr Benjamin Shahzad (Rector of St Patrick's Cathedral Karachi), Fr Arthur Charles, Fr Benjamin Mushtaq (Parish Priest of St Anthony’s Church), Health Minister Dr Saad Khalid Niaz, Sikandar Sultan (Chairman of Shan Food Industries), Satish Anand (Chairman of Eveready Pictures), Valentine Gonsalves and Kenneth Marshall.

G.O.A President Peter Mendes welcomed the gathering and thanked all those involved in the planning and presentation of the event. He also took the opportunity to honour Norman D’Souza, one of the leading musicians of Goan origin from Karachi who started his music career in the late 1960s.

During the event, the GOA organising committee comprising Queen Melba Pinto, Agnes Fernandes, Rose and Alfred Fonseca, Maria and Agnelo Lobo, Margaret Mendes Cliff, Ruth and Nolasco Moniz, Elizabeth Pinto, Cathy Fernandes, Bella Coelho, Samantha Rodrigues, Ken Marshall, Media Team Myron, Savannah, Dylan and Duane were introduced to the gathering.

The comperes, Joseph Caeiro and Elizabeth Pinto, got the show going in their unique styles, while Norman D’Souza entertained the crowd with his music.

On the occasion, singers who also presented Goan songs included Dylan Fernandes (Tu Supnanth Yethai), Liberata Pinto (Tum), Louis and Bella Coelho (Jivit Goenkarachem),

Anthony Pinto (Cazar Burea Ponnar), Fernandes boys and April Pereira (Vaat Lagli Que Sera Sera), a saxophone performance by Hilary Rodrigues, Bella Coelho (Piso), Duane Fernandes (Mira Mira), Louis Coelho (Celina), and Duane and Dylan (Sweet Sweet Goa).

Bishop Travas also entertained the crowd with his rendition of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’

Traditional Goan food was available on sale at the food stalls run by G.O.A members Coelho, Travas and Anna Marie Dias. The event came to an end with a shower of blessings from all priests.

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