Irish Goa Day 2024: Thousands attend festival of unity, cultural harmony

Goan legislator Pravin Arlekar, Goan band ‘Tidal Wave’, Goan food and stalls among many attractions at festival

THE GOAN | JUNE 07, 2024, 11:36 PM IST
Irish Goa Day 2024: Thousands attend festival of unity, cultural harmony


It was a vibrant fusion of Irish and Goan cultures as an estimated 4,000 people attended the Irish Goa Day 2024, the second such annual festival hosted by the Irish Goan community at the Burnaby Park in Greystones, Wicklow-Ireland on June 1 from 11 am to 7 pm.

The highlights of the day included 35 stalls offering a delectable array of traditional Goan and Irish cuisine, satisfying every palate.

There were electrifying live performances by renowned Irish singers Robbie Doyle and Austin Prior, DJ Earnest from the Middle East club scene, as well as the leading band from Goa ‘Tidal Wave’, leaving the crowd in a frenzy. Young artiste Triyona D’Costa from Goa also performed a Goan Mando dance on the stage. 

Foot-tapping music was also provided by local Irish musician Robbie Doyle, DJ Ernest, singer and MC Austin Prior. The emceeing by Saby Costa and Annie Fernandes kept the energy high throughout the day.

There were a number of stalls selling various items and a kid’s play area. 

One of the guests at the festival was Goan legislator Pravin Arlekar, who represents Pernem constituency at the Goa Legislative Assembly, graced the occasion all the way from Goa.

He delivered a heartfelt speech in the Konkani mother tongue, urging unity and pride among the Goan community.

Goan legislator Pravin Arlekar along with members of the Irish Goan community at the  the Irish Goa Day 2024.

There was generous support from the local Irish community, contributing prizes and donations, exemplifying the spirit of cultural harmony.

There were several people travelling from different parts of the UK, as well as friends and family members who came all the way from Goa, showcasing their support and adding to the diverse and vibrant atmosphere.

“The Irish Goa Day 2024 was a resounding testament to the harmonious coexistence of cultures, bringing together the best of Irish and Goan traditions in a joyous celebration of diversity and unity,” said Milla Hancock, one of the main organisers who traces her roots to Arambol.

“We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to this remarkable event and look forward to welcoming everyone again next year during the same bank holiday weekend in June.”

The organisers greatly appreciated the help of the local Greystones Council, Greystones Bowling Club, Garda officer Maria and her team, and the local Irish people who not only supported with physical assistance when needed but also sponsored several prizes and donations.

Special gratitude was also extended to Arun and Yogesh, owners of Sportshub, a sports goods store with branches in the UK and Ireland, for being strong sponsors and further strengthening the event's success.

“This event wouldn't have been such an astounding success without our patrons, the local Irish people, and all the Goans living in Ireland who came from all over the country to make this event a grand success,” said Milla.

“Our next event will be in the Burnaby Park in Greystones on July 22 from 10 am to 7pm.”

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