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The Global Goenkar @ 2: Wishes from Goenkars across globe

| JUNE 17, 2024, 11:30 PM IST
The Global Goenkar @ 2: Wishes from Goenkars across globe

The Global Goenkar, a weekly section of The Goan newspaper, celebrates its 2nd anniversary on June 18. Over these two years, it has been the mission of The Global Goenkar to provide extensive coverage to Goans, Goan communities and associations all over the world.

We are grateful to all our writers for collaborating with The Global Goenkar and to all our readers across the globe for their interest and appreciation regarding our content and coverage, which will continue with renewed enthusiasm as we embark into our third year of our journey connecting Goans across the world. 


Fantastic Job 

In these 2 years, TGG has done such a fantastic job by getting Goans all around the world closer by updating us with information and articles regarding the Goan communities and other Goan related articles.

We were missing this in the past as we were not much aware of things happening with Goans around the world, but now thanks to TGG, we are all fully updated.

I congratulate all those who are part of TGG and wish you all for a very bright future.

Xavier Azavedo
Ex-President Goan Community,


Amazing Work 

Happy Second Birthday to TGG and keep up the amazing work that you are putting together keep the world posted with our Goan community all over the globe!

I would like to offer my thanks to everyone at TGG for providing generous media exposure to reach out our community efforts here in Vancouver-Canada by showcasing our work on your newspaper/website and other platforms. We always have positive result of the coverage. Thank you for helping us get the word out and about to the world.

Thanks to TGG for reaching out and supporting us in every single way!

Ashney Rebello
Celebrity Chef


Positive Stories 

I'd like to congratulate the entire team at The Global Goenkar a happy 2nd anniversary. It gives me tremendous pride to know that as journalists in United Kingdom you proudly cover positive stories of Goan diaspora.

Imtiyaz Shaikh
Swindon Council


Great Work

On the occasion of the 2nd Anniversary of TGG, I would like to thank TGG team for the amazing work you guys do. 

A special mention of how the report of Rachel’s ‘Books for All’ project in Goa generated an awareness about donating storybooks amongst children in Dubai schools. We now have the support of 5 school kids supporting the project. 

Thank you, TGG, for your support and keep up the great work. God bless.

Remediana Rodrigues Dias


Commendable Job 

The Goan Community Aberdeen (SCIO) would like to congratulate the team of the Goan newspaper ‘The Global Goenkar’ on completing two years of publications. The team at TGG has done a commendable job in connecting with all Goans across the world, covering all sorts of news, achievements, events, celebrations, etc. 

The Goan Community Aberdeen (SCIO) wishes TGG team a happy 2nd anniversary. On your anniversary, we wish you continued growth and success. We compliment the team on your success and achievement and send our best wishes for the future. We are grateful for all that you’ll do.

Laura Ferns 
Goan Community Aberdeen


Fantastic Connection

After so many early mornings and late nights, The Goan newspaper marks their 2nd anniversary of its weekly section TGG, dealing with Goans around the Globe. This determination, thoughtfulness and ambition have taken you far and wide. 

Global Goans appreciate the hard work you have put in to keep us all connected and close to home with the weekly news. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team who are working behind the scenes to keep this fantastic connection across the world. 

I had many opportunities sending my little contribution of reports which were well received by the public scoring very high views from the readers. Well done to TGG and I wish you all the best as you embark on the third year. 

Bella Fernandes
Margao Union UK


Best wishes to TGG

My heartiest congratulations to TGG on its second anniversary. TGG has been connecting the Goan diaspora globally since they started their weekly Saturday edition. Goans across the globe get to know so much about the Goan diaspora, communities, associations and their activities, functions, events, happenings, etc. around the world every week. 

When the community events get publicity through TGG, Goan communities, associations around the world get motivated and encouraged to do more work for their communities. 

TGG has always supported the global Goan communities and associations all along. Our Goan communities, associations around the globe can use this platform to keep the Goan diaspora informed about their various activities, events, festivals, etc.

My best wishes to TGG for many more years to come.

And yes, VIVA - A toast to TGG on its second anniversary!

Simon Varella
Milton Keynes


Excellent Reports

Congratulations to TGG on another year of excellent news reports and cultural events taking place in the Goan diaspora scattered around the world. 

I look forward with keen interest reading TGG for what's happening around the Goa world.

TGG plays an important role in bringing the worldwide Goan community closer for which it deserves recognition. 

Good wishes to the entire TGG team. Your selflessness and dedication are truly appreciated. 

Mariano Pereira


Crisp, Clear Content 

Congratulations on celebrating your 2nd anniversary! Your service of bringing news from the Goan community across the globe to people in Goa and worldwide is genuinely invaluable. 

The Goan provides a vital platform with crisp and clear content that informs us about what is happening in our homeland, fostering a sense of connection and belonging. Reaching out to the Goan diaspora, you bridge distances and help us all stay connected to our roots. 

Thank you for your dedicated service to the Goan community. Here's to many more years of success!

Melanie Antao Fernandes
Goan Association North West


Great Achievement

On behalf of the Goenkars of Pakistan and myself, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate TGG on its 2nd anniversary on June 18, 2024.

This is a great achievement as with all your efforts TGG has continued to provide extensive coverage on Goans and their culture worldwide.

Goans should be very proud that with TGG, we are today known the world over.

We wish TGG great success and may they strive to be the “platform” in displaying Goan culture as well as be interconnected worldwide.

Peter Mendes
Goenkars Own Academy


Appreciate Content

Congratulations TGG on the completion of 2 years. TGG is doing an awesome job by covering topics, events and issues related to the Goan community settled in different parts of the world. Just like us, many Goans in the UK too look forward to read the news every week. 

I really appreciate the content and the matter that is covered on TGG. Good job done by all the reporters, team and the editor. It is a good achievement to reach out to the Goan community as a whole in a short period of 2 years. Here’s wishing you all the best for all the future publications/news coverage. God bless TGG team.

Joyce De Souza 
Social worker


Lots to Read

TGG is a welcome sight to catch up with news that matters, unlike other avenues that have lots to read of no substance. Congratulations to all who contribute and share this fantastic info. Dev Borem Korum to The Goan!

Colin Misquita


Timely, Factual, Captivating

The last two years have seen a wider, more extensive coverage of all things Goan, be it the people, culture, music, true life stories, history, reporting of Goan matters, its people spread across the global diaspora or just about the true essence of being Goan wherever you are in the world.  

And it’s all been brought to us in a timely, factual and captivating manner by none other than TGG. Personally, it’s been a pleasure being associated with the team and I wish you continued success and a larger audience capture. 

Maria Gomes Fernandes


Informative Journalism 

Congratulations to TGG and its dedicated team of journalists on achieving this remarkable two-year milestone! Your steadfast commitment to delivering precise and inclusive reports on the activities of global Goan associations is truly praiseworthy. 

The Quebec Goan Association (QGA) expresses its sincere gratitude and appreciation for your continuous coverage of our events and initiatives. Your reporting has been invaluable in sharing our community's stories and fostering connections. We are profoundly grateful for your unwavering support. 

Here's to another year of informative journalism and making a difference in keeping Goans around the world informed. Cheers!

Blanche Da Costa
Quebec Goan Association


Succinct Presentation 

Not making the news, but just reporting the news as it is. That is what 'The Goan' does without any discrimination and in a wonderful way. The layout, colour and the succinct presentation of the articles covering a multitude of topics have made this daily my favourite Indian based newspaper. 

We become what we read and I am truly grateful to TGG supplement as it has allowed me to shape my thoughts about our Goans worldwide. Congratulations to all the staff at 'The Goan' newspaper on its 9th anniversary and TGG supplement on its 2nd anniversary.

Chris Da Cruz


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