UK Goans mark 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution

LUI GODINHO | MAY 04, 2024, 01:01 AM IST
UK Goans mark 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution

The Council of Portuguese Communities advisors with some of the Goan delegation. (L to R): Fernando Sousa, Jennifer Vaz, Cosme Dcosta, Ciana D’Costa, Ravi Vaz, Chris Da Costa, Francis Pereira, Charles Dias, Duarte Fernandes, Joao Pedro Cruz, Sandra Mano and Sharita Misquith.


A number of Goans in the UK celebrated the 50th Anniversary of The Portuguese Revolution gala held in London on April 25.

The 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Revolution, also known as the Carnation Revolution, commemorates the peaceful uprising on April 25, 1974, that led to the fall of the Estado Novo dictatorship in Portugal. This significant event marked the end of nearly five decades of authoritarian rule and initiated a transition to democracy and the decolonisation of Portugal's African colonies.

The Carnation Revolution is so named because of the almost bloodless nature of the coup, with soldiers and civilians celebrating the end of the dictatorship by placing carnations in the barrels of guns and on uniforms. It's a pivotal moment in Portuguese history, symbolising freedom and the country's move towards a democratic society.

The Portuguese Community Centre, UK under the leadership of António Mota da Cunha, the Portuguese Government communities Advisor, organised this celebration.

The programme for the gala took the attendees on a journey delving into the events leading to

and following the freedom revolution through music, images, films and a sumptuous Portuguese dinner.

A lot of dignitaries attended the gala, including Chief Ambassador from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Luís de Almeida Ferraz, Senior Consul General of Portugal in London Dr Luís Leandro da Silva, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Guinea Bissau Domingos Simões Pereira, and several diplomats from various countries.

In his speech, Senior Consul General of Portugal in London Dr Luís Leandro da Silva spoke on the impact and importance of the Portuguese revolution of 1974, and how it paved the way for the independence of a number of countries in Africa.

Describing Portugal as a very respected member of the international community and a relevant partner of the European Union, Dr da Silva said the values of the Portuguese revolution, which include freedom, democracy and equality and courage, need to be promoted and nurtured among the younger generation.

Some of the Goan delegation with the Chief Ambassador from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Luís de Almeida Ferraz and Senior Consul General of Portugal in London Dr Luís Leandro da Silva.

Hailing the Portuguese community in the UK as a source of pride and inspiration, Dr da Silva said it is an important and diverse community which is close to half a million people, accounting for almost 5% of the population of Portugal.

Goans delegation attending the gala included Ciana D’Costa (advisor of the Council of Portuguese Communities in UK/Ireland) and her spouse Cosme D’Costa, Chris Da Costa (regional representative) and his spouse Sharita Misquith, Ravi Vaz (President of G.O.A UK) and his spouse Jennifer Vaz, Francis Pereira (President of United Goans Affiliation), Tony Vaz (social worker, Swindon), Councillor Lourenco Fernandes (Swindon council) and Charles Dias (Goan Chaplaincy UK).


The Portuguese Community Centre in UK aims to support the Portuguese-speaking and Portuguese nationals of all origins in various ways. 

EDUCATION: The centre provides educational support and resources to community members.

INTEGRATION: They offer assistance with legal matters, social integration, and other related services.

SPORTS AND ASSOCIATIVISM: The centre promotes sports activities and community involvement.

ARTS AND CULTURE: The centre encourages artistic and cultural expression.

COMMUNICATION: They engage in communication initiatives.

EVENT ORGANISATION: The centre hosts events to bring the community together.

The Portuguese Community Centre plays a crucial role in supporting Portuguese residents in the UK, contributing to their well-being and successful integration.

The Portuguese Community Centre in UK is looking for a more involvement from the Portuguese nationals of Goan Origin. More details are available on their website (

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