Wednesday 25 Nov 2020

Criminality raising its ugly head again in Margao City

Vinay Rodrigues, Margao | NOVEMBER 22, 2020, 12:26 AM IST

The Chief Officer of Margao Municipality has made a good start. The CCTVs in the CIty have been made operational. Abandoned vehicles are being identified for disposal. A disposer of garbage from Fatorda was apprehended and brought to book. This occurred due to the efforts of an alert citizen.

A Whatsapp number has been provided by the MMC for citizens to report any illegal dumping of garbage. This is of importance as recently a chemical was found dumped in a stream in Raia village and the police were unable to trace the culprits.

The presence of police and RTO in Margao City is also praiseworthy. There has been increase in the number of hooligans entering the city. They are found to be riding vehicles haphazardly without proper license plates or documents. They thus pose a threat to law abiding citizens. Getting into an altercation with such elements is risky as they quickly summon other outlaws to support them.

Despite a central government notice, vehicles are still found to be using tinted glasses with zero visibility inside. The central government had imposed this rule due to various kidnappings carried out in such vehicles. Precautions and stringent checks serve as a deterrent to criminal activity.

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