Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

Implement common cadre for p'yats urgently

VENAN BONAVENTURE DIAS, Santo Estevam | SEPTEMBER 22, 2022, 08:13 PM IST

The recent statement by the CM of Goa, stating that all Government employees will be held accountable and strictly dealt with if they are not performing that too showing lethargy, reporting late to office, lack of interest to learn new things etc. is a welcome sign. Along with this directive the CM should also check about the corruption that is emanating from the panchayat at the grass root level, wherein LDCs who are also booth level officers (BLO) indulge in corrupt practices and especially when the employee is of the same village. Many complaints earlier to higher authorities on these LDCs have fallen on deaf years after providing umpteen evidence. On the contrary these LDCs boast of political patronage and have been working in the same village for more than 20 years.  I would like to remind the CM that the common cadre for Panchayats was already passed in the assembly. Then why it has taken so long to implement it? The CM should look into this matter of common cadre for panchayats and execute it at the earliest for a smooth running of the panchayats, which should be free from corruption, nepotism and red-tapism.

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