Modi touch: When everything was spruced in record time


The hustle and bustle has returned at the Margao KTC bus-stand which is refurbished with  fresh coat of hot-mix and a new bus shelter, thanks to the February 6 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Viksit Bharat Goa rally. 

It is learnt that bus operators, both intra-state and Mumbai buses had been looking forward to the repair and hot-mixing of the bus-stand for several months which was in a pathetic condition. 

The government has reportedly spruced up the bus shed, perhaps for the first time since the shed was installed around four decades ago. The encouraging part is that all this sprucing up was done in record time. 

Of course all this refurbishment is absolutely necessary when the country’s Prime Minister visits the state. However it must be said that it takes an international event or a visit by the country’s top leadership for work in the state to be carried out in quick time. 

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a scheduled stop at the capital city Panaji during the visit to the state, the ‘Smart City’ work would have probably been completed in record time.

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