Wednesday 10 Aug 2022

Need to curb back door jobs in public services

K G VILOP, Chorao | AUGUST 06, 2022, 12:20 AM IST

The government should stop back door appointments in public services in order to ensure that equal opportunity is provided to all eligible candidates through an open, competitive process.  

The equal opportunity in public employment is a constitutional mandate which shouldn't be violated, especially because lakhs of youth spend years preparing for competitive exams through which employment is granted in public service.  

The regularisation of illegal or irregular appointments would breach the fundamental rights of all eligible persons. We are living in a society where corruption and backdoor appointments are so common, that it looks like normal and right.  

Backdoor appointment means people pay huge for a government job. This is the best income generating source. It needs regulatory mechanism to curb back door appointments in public services. But the system itself is corrupt. We need God to restore it to sanctity. 

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