Wednesday 24 Jul 2024

Rampant construction led to waterlogging

Ronnie Dsouza, Chandor | JULY 11, 2024, 12:54 AM IST

Recently, it has been observed that heavy rain in Goa is causing widespread flooding, creating significant problems for the common people. Roads are flooded, traffic is blocked, rainwater enters houses, and many houses collapse, leading to deaths. Rivers and ponds are overflowing. In the name of development, water bodies are blocked, and land is filled. Selfish Goans are selling land to builder mafias for money, leading to destruction.   

Water bodies and drainage systems that used to manage heavy rains in the past are now blocked, diverted, and disappearing due to land filling for highway expansion, hotels, and apartments. Neighbours are building boundary walls that block waterways, forcing Goans to fight water issues from the beginning. Human beings are entirely responsible for destroying the environment for personal gain, which is the main reason Goans are facing flooding issues that affect their lives.   

Garbage like plastic bottles and packs block our drainage system. When will we learn a lesson from our own mistakes and behaviour? Climate change is causing unpredictable weather, with sudden rain and heat during the monsoon season, which is not a good sign.  

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