Tuesday 28 Jun 2022

Saffron party becoming master in government-toppling games

JOHN ERIC GOMES, Porvorim | JUNE 23, 2022, 08:23 PM IST

Is this our democracy and do voters endorse the defections and toppling of elected governments? The BJP is becoming a master in winning elections and toppling games. Most politicians we have spawned are self-serving and this disgraceful five-star hotel capture of Shiv Sena MLAs to keep them from being poached involves loss of office time, waste of vehicle and aviation fuel expenses no bar, police and government machinery misuse, time and money loss all around! The hastily implemented Agnipath scheme resulting in angry youth and anti-national elements taking advantage, riots and damage to property,vehicles and personal injuries, was not well thought out and discussed with all stakeholders as evident from the many concessions needed thereafter. It appears the NSA is a super CDA, government having left him and defence chiefs to explain to the public with wide media coverage, the benefits of the scheme, bringing apolitical armed forces voices into political matters. Where are we headed?

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