Stop dividing people on caste, religious lines

JERRY FERNANDES, Saligao | OCTOBER 18, 2020, 12:34 AM IST

A reputed jewellery brand's ad as part of its 'Ekatvam'campaign, celebrating "the coming together of people" was recentlywithdrawn as it irked some born rabid communal elements, especially someBJP/Sangh Parivar sympathisers who claimed it promoted 'love jihad' in ourcountry. But celebs like Richa Chadha and Chetan Bhagat, however, appreciatedthe ad for conveying the message of communal harmony and the confluence ofdifferent traditions and cultures. The rabid elements are seen displaying anallergy or becoming intolerant when it comes to Hindu-Muslim unity orinter-faith marriages because their agenda is to polarise the country forpolitical gains. But the one important question which everyone should ask theleaders of the BJP is that if they are so against inter-faith or Muslim-Hindumarriages, which they refer to as "love Jihad", then how come theyhave embraced Muslim leaders like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Syed ShahnawazHussain who are both married to Hindu women. And what about their leaderSubramanian Swamy who is married to a Parsi and his daughter is married to aMuslim? I think the hypocritical leaders of the BJP should instruct all theirblind roadside supporters to take out violent protests against their own forpractically supporting/promoting inter-faith marriages in their homes and stopdividing the people of this country on caste/religious lines for politicalgains. 

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