Saturday 09 Dec 2023

Time to shift gear and focus on other sports


The ICC World cup would have gone down in history as a red-letter day had India won the coveted trophy. All guns were blazing with India being the favourites having won back-to-back encounters with rivals and made it a clean sweep only to fumble in the final battle of the titans. It was a foregone conclusion when Australia won the toss and elected to field by putting Team India to bat as India's strength lies in chasing the runs. Had India won the cup the whole country would have gone into ecstasy with fireworks and a hero's welcome to the winning team. Now that the dust of the cricket mania has settled, it is time for the sports administration to reflect on the dismal performance of the team and promote other disciplines of sports especially the track and field events where our athletes have excelled and brought glory to the country.  No doubt the BCCI is one of the richest sporting bodies and our cricketers are multi-millionaires, it's time to shift gear and focus on other sports where our sporting enthusiasts are delivering results.

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