CM should build temples of progress, not dig up past

JERRY FERNANDES, Saligao | MAY 23, 2022, 11:25 PM IST

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant whilst giving a interview for Prafulla Ketkar, the editor of RSS mouthpiece in Delhi recently reiterated that the reason why he wants to rebuild/renovate temples destroyed during the Portuguese colonial rule then is because he wants to revive a preserved culture in the state. Well, it looks like Sawant wants to somehow keep Goans fully busy/distracted by making them fight against each other raising such religious centric issues of the past and slowly start playing UP-type communal hate politics for his own long-term political survival in Goa.

Hey, if Sawant is so much interested in reviving the so-called  'preserved' culture of the state then why is he not shutting down all the casinos, dance bars, prostitution centres, drugs/liquor supplying outlets, etc on top priority basis in Goa? Why is he still backing the three controversial linear projects? I personally feel that our CM should stop instigating our peace-loving Hindus by unnecessarily talking of rebuilding some imaginary demolished/destroyed temples of the past  and instead should try to build the temples of education, health, employment, economy, common sense, etc to really improve the living conditions of all the 'aam-Goans' or else should resign immediately.


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