Saturday 01 Oct 2022

Avoid discrimination against Muslims for reconciliation

NELSON LOPES, Chinchinim | SEPTEMBER 22, 2022, 08:16 PM IST

Congress  had kept Muslims captive due to vote bank politics. Their nationality is doubted and suspected  allegiance to Pakistan is bone of contention. The virus of hatred, injustice has reached  its peak. Muslims have been lynched to death. Ban on beef  has hit their traditional trade. Hijab row has stirred honest nest. Age-old practice of azan has suddenly been targeted as  noise pollution. Madrassas have been razed to ground without hearing or legal notice. Private residences are destroyed by bulldozers to curb public agitation and riots attributed to Muslims.

 Muslims who remained in India after partition have declared their allegiance completely to India  as a  sovereign nation, aberrations not withstanding The motivated riots against  them are dividing them further as untouchables. The government must stress  on their education to bring them into the mainstream  of politics  and avoid rank discrimination. Unless Muslims are not treated as anti-nationals and second class  citizens, or the implementation of CAA is not enforced only then will it assuage their feelings and doubts. The bias against them must be replaced with positive action or else there never will be any  reconciliation as desired.

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