Tuesday 19 Oct 2021

Opposition to NEET entrance examination seems sensible

R FERNANDES, Margao | OCTOBER 14, 2021, 12:20 AM IST

The High Court has struck down the Govt’s order of 41% reservation in PG Medicine seats. Now, Tamil Nadu CM has written to 12 non-BJP ruled State CMs and to Goa to oppose the NEET entrance exam and restore ‘the primacy of States’ to education. Now this is sensible. First off, all schools do not follow the CBSE syllabus: so how is it fair? As such, how can the country go on using the same? Surely there must be a level playing field. It is obvious that the NEET is conducted to  favour certain States who follow the CBSE Syllabus and to eliminate others so as to match the available seats. This is against the right to education. 

Our current lot of medicos have been unable to provide even analysis of cases in the current pandemic. The Task Force relies on statistics from other States for decisions rather than on the virus characteristics. They know nothing about Risk Management/mitigation of risk or RCA-root cause analysis. The IMA did not provide proper help to the govt doctors during the pandemic. 

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