Politicians are providing lip service to Lokayukta

R FERNANDES, Margao | JANUARY 28, 2021, 12:32 AM IST

The Government is hell-bent on diluting the powers of the Lokayukta in Goa. MLAs are verbally attacking and slamming the Government as seen in the local dailies. Others are writing in detail why the Government must not do this. That’s it? It appears that all the King’s horses and men cannot put poor Lokayukta back together again. Lokayukta is the only means for many ordinary citizens, whose rights are nonchalantly cast aside, to get justice. Politicians in Goa are just providing lip service to the issue. Why is that so? We all know how MLAs have defected in the first place in complete defiance of political ethics and people's trust. Why would they want a strong Lokayukta? Having a strong Lokayukta will expose many politicians' misdeeds and when elections are nearing. At election time, they cannot have their image tarnished and lose votes. At any cost they want to continue winning and stay in power.                  

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