Potholed roads sign of poor governance

K G VILOP, Chorao | SEPTEMBER 16, 2020, 06:41 PM IST

Potholes on roads reflect onpoor governance. Goa’s roads are technically unfit for two-wheelersand four-wheelers, but the civil society groups which protest againsthuman and consumer rights violations are resorting to lip servicewhen it comes to the dangerous road conditions. The Goa government istreating the dangerous road conditions very casually by blaming theincessant rains. Periodic road maintenance is neglected by thegovernment and only taken up to woo the voters in theirconstituencies before every election. Goan roads are crying forattention. Just riding on pothole-ridden roads could cause gradualdamage to the spine and spinal nerve. And where is the basicinfrastructure in spite of people paying property and road taxes forso many years? Such roads should be restored on a priority.

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