Tuesday 16 Aug 2022

Roads leading to Mapusa Tar Bridge in terrible condition

BABLUIS PEREIRA, Pomburpa | JULY 03, 2022, 07:31 PM IST

Mapusa Tar river was in the news for being heavily polluted due to which the fish were dying. Suddenly news spread that the old bridge will be demolished and in its place a new bridge was to be built in a short period of time to ease the heavy traffic congestion. Recently after the bridge inauguration, the public had words of praise for the excellent workmanship of the builder and the good development done by the BJP government. Now the bridge is freed from the traffic congestion but the condition of the roads leading to the bridge i.e. from Moira junction, Alankar theatre and Aldona Taxi Stand is terrible as they are full of pot holes and humpy-bumpy driving. Especially driving on two wheelers the whole body vibrates and could give anyone a stroke.

When the road route leading to the bridge was so poor, one wonders by which route the chief minister and other dignitaries came to inaugurate the bridge.

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