Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

Cong succeeds in keeping flock together ahead of Pitru Paksha


Congress leadership did not take any chances over the sustained bid to split the party and merge the same into the saffron brigade. With speculation rife that two-third group of MLAs may defect on the eve of Pitru Paksha, the Congress leadership, sources said, sounded warning bells and ensured the group of MLAs stay away from the poachers. It was only after the fortnight-long Pitru Paksha, considered an inauspicious period, started from Saturday, party leaders are believed to have heaved a sigh of relief. Any questions?  

Yuri firm, not to go against mandate of Cuncolkars  

With son Yuribab Alemao spurning offers to quit the Congress and join the saffron brigade, sources said another attempt was reportedly made to convince father Joaquim to let son switch sides and embrace the ruling dispensation. Joaquimbab did not deny reports of mounting pressure on him and son to take a call and facilitate Yuri to join the saffron brigade. He, however, sounded clear that son Yuri will not take any decision that would run contrary to the mandate given by Cuncolkars in the 2022 Assembly polls. Any takers?  

Vijai’s salvo over concerns for Margao raises eyebrows  

What’s Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai up to, is a question being asked by Madgavkars. Against the backdrop of reports that Diggu may quit the Congress to join the saffron brigade, Vijaibab’s call to save Margao from crumbling has only raised questions whether the Goa Forward chief has drawn up any plans in Diggu’s fiefdom. In the recent past, Vijaibab had even threatened to contest from Margao if Diggu embraced the saffron brigade. His latest salvo expressing concern over Margao’s lost glory has only raised eyebrows and fueled speculations in local political circles.  

Aleixo under scanner of Saxtti political observers  

Congress heavyweight Aleixobab Sequeira seems to have come under the scanner of Saxtti political observers. Days after the Nuvem MLA had a meeting with newly-elected panch members, political observers have been trying to figure out what exactly Aleixobab said at the interaction. While Aleixobab was on record saying he made no statement that he is joining the BJP, observers say the Nuvem MLA is yet to come clear and announce he will never join the BJP. Any questions?  

All eyes on Sardinha and his plans to retain LS seat  

Has the Congress leadership any answer to the Saffron brigade’s plan to regain the South Goa seat in 2024? Well, BJP’s decision to nominate none other than Union Minister Narayan Rane as South Goa in-charge has sent clear signals that the ruling dispensation means business. On the other hand, questions are being asked in Congress circles how the party would go about the job to retain the seat. Wait and watch as sitting Congress MP Franciscobab Sardinha has drawn up plans to visit the panchayat bodies across South Goa district.  

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