Wednesday 07 Jun 2023

How Vijai held flock together anticipating poaching bid


This may make reading interesting. When CM Pramodbab Sawant was huddled with 15-BJP councillors at the government rest house on late Thursday, the saffron brigade did not realise that a counter move was underway at the Davondem bandh, the residence of Goa Forward chief Vijai Sardesai. While the CM had a marathon meeting, Vijaibab had already led his flock of eight councillors and a BJP-councillor to North Goa to avert any poaching bid. Even as the Goa Forward team was housed at a resort, somewhere around Assagao, the Goa Forward chief is believed to have hosted another meeting past midnight at Goemkar Ghor, to tie all loose ends. And, the rest is now history. Any questions?  

Ill-timed: Some blame the defeat on Pitru Paksha  

Pitru Paksha, the inauspicious period, has come to haunt the BJP and Diggu, as the party’s bid to get the saffron flag flying high atop the Margao Municipal building, came a cropper. Before the eight Congress MLAs led by Diggu quit the party to embrace the saffron brigade, many had wondered how come the political development took place during Pitru Paksha, considered an inauspicious period. Moments after the saffron brigade was stranded way behind the mark in Friday’s elections for the MMC chairperson’s polls, many were overheard relating the BJP’s defeat to the recent political developments during Pitru Paksha. Any takers?  

New MMC chief praises God for his success  

Days after Diggu attributed his exit to blessings of God and the Prasad he received from Goddess Mahalaxmi, giving him the go-ahead signal to join the saffron brigade, the winners at the MMC polls too invoked the Almighty behind their success. After his election, newly-elected Chairperson Ganashyambab Shirodkar thundered that Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Dambab were behind him in the election. That’s not all. The new chairperson even claimed that Mahalaxmi’s Prasad paved the way for his election in the polls. Any questions, Diggu?  

Deepali cynosure of all eyes after Ganashyam’s victory  

Margao Municipality Vice-Chairperson Deepalibai Sawal was the cynosure of all eyes after election for the post the chairperson’s post went in favour of Ganashyam Shirodkar. For, though Deepalibai is expected to put in her papers after the election of the new MMC chairperson, as per the understanding between Digambar Kamat and Vijai Sardesai, the Goa Forward chief publicly announced that the vice-chairperson need not quit and neither will the ruling group table a no-confidence against her, only fueling speculations in the BJP camp around noon.  

Anxious moments for BJP leaders; celebrations in Vijai’s camp  

BJP leaders were present in strength in the Margao Municipal building anxiously awaiting the result of the election for the chairperson. Amongst those seen in the corridors of the civic body was BJP Mandal chief Rupeshbab Mahatme, Babu Ajgaonkar’s brother Rajendrabab. After realisation dawned that the BJP candidate Damubab Shirodkar was trailing behind Ganashyam, they all left the Municipal building. And, after the result was finally out, Goa Forward leaders Vijaibab Sardesai, Durgadasbab Kamat and others made their presence felt in the civic body, to partake in the victory celebrations.  

Dinesh Rao congratulates Vijai, Ganashyam on MMC win  

Guess which leader sent a congratulatory message to Goa Forward chief Vijai Sardesai and the newly-elected Margao Municipal Chairperson Ganashyam Shirodkar. Well, it was none other than Congress Goa desk in-charge, Dinesh Gundu Rao, who tweeted congratulating the Goa Forward chief and the new MMC chairperson. Gundu Rao took a dig at Diggu pointing out that losing the Mayor election in his home turf after betraying the Congress and lying to people of Goa is a bitter humiliation to the Margao MLA. That Gundu Rao personally called up Ganashyambab indicates that the Congress leaders were happy with the unfolding developments in the Margao Municipality.  

When cell phones were banned  in hall for MMC chief polls  

Hazard a guess why so much noise was made in the Margao Municipality ahead of Friday’s polling to demand a ban on councillors from carrying cell phones inside the meeting hall. After Ganashyam Shirodkar on the eve of the polls made damning allegations that the BJP-backed councillors may carry their mobile sets with them to take photos of the vote cast in the election, Presiding Officer Srinetbab Kothwale ensured that no councillor is allowed inside the meeting hall with cell phones. Incidentally, Srinetbab conducted the polls when speculations made the rounds since Thursday night that the Presiding Officer may not make it to the Municipality. Any takers?  

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