Tuesday 18 Jun 2024

Political turncoats have long wait for promised rewards


Come September 14 and the Congress turncoats will complete one year since they embraced the saffron brigade a year ago. The same old question, however, may come back to haunt the turncoats, more so the three heavyweights Diggu, Aleixobab Sequeira and  Michaelbab Lobo – when will they receive the promised Cabinet berths in the Pramodbab Sawant dispensation?  Of the trio, speculations have been rife from day one that the Diggu-Aleixo duo may find a Cabinet berth, but in vain. Political observers say this is perhaps the first time that political turncoats have been made to wait to receive the promised rewards. Any questions?

Digambar's bid to contain resentment among

councillors over cancelled recruitments 

In an apparent bid to contain the resentment brewing amongst the ruling BJP Margao Municipal Councillors over the cancellation of the recruitment process, Margao MLA Diggu is believed to have called on Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant earlier this week with two of the City Fathers in tow. What transpired at the meeting between the CM and the Diggu-Councillors combine remains unknown, but the discussion is believed to have centered on the promise reportedly made to the City Fathers to provide jobs for their siblings in lieu of their support to the BJP in the civic body. Wait and watch as Urban Development Minister Vishwajitbab Rane has tweeted that all jobs in the Municipal Councils have been kept on hold pending the implementation of the Common Cadre.

Luizinho bracing to release his book

on Goa's statehood and Konkani  (with Luizinho pic)

As speculations are rife over the political future of veteran Luizinhbab Faleiro, the ex-Rajya Sabha MP is bracing up to release his book on the battle for Goa’s statehood and Konkani. So far, Luizinhbab has parried all questions on his future political plans. Take note, however, the former Goa CM has not announced retirement plans yet after quitting the Trinamool Congress. His book on the battle for Konkani and statehood, source said, is not only expected to bring out the chronology of events, but bring before the younger generations, the leading role Luizinhbab played, right from the time he tabled the private member resolution in support of the twin aspirations of Goans. Any takers?

Damu Naik's name does rounds as 

prospective MP candidate in BJP circles

It was a week when former two-time BJP Fatorda MLA Damubab Naik celebrated a quiet birthday bereft of any programmes. In fact, Damubab, who is believed to have celebrated his birthday out of station, has been in the news in recent times with the election of party president Sadanandbab Tanavade as Rajya Sabha MP and the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. For, Damubab’s name has been doing the rounds in political circles as a prospective candidate for the South Goa Lok Sabha seat or for the post of Goa BJP Chief in the event Sadanandbab steps down from the position on the 'One Man One Post' norm. Wait and watch.

When Venzy was showered praises for

work on Benaulim power infra by Sudin  (With Vanzy pic)

The last time MGP leader Sudinbab Dhavlikar had descended in coastal Saxtti was over half a decade ago to lay the foundation stone for the underground sewerage scheme at Colva when Caitubab was the Benaulim MLA, supporting the then BJP government. Sudinbab was back in Benaulim during the weekend to launch power infrastructure works in the constituency, now represented by AAP MLA Venzybab Viegas. That Sudinbab showered praises on the AAP MLA for taking up Benaulim’s power infrastructure, sources said, showed the rapport the Power Minister enjoys with the Benaulim MLA. Any questions?

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