Will Pitru Paksha stall political developments in Cong?


Will the political developments unfolding in the Congress camp take a back seat with Pitru Paksha, considered the 15-long inauspicious period, that starts during the weekend? Political sources said Pitru Paksha is considered inauspicious, more so by the political class. Instances are galore when politicians, cutting across party lines, maintain a low profile during this period. Wait and watch whether the Congress leadership comes out with a plan to foil attempts by MLAs from forming a two-third majority.

Eyebrows raised over Cong MLAs’ visit to CM’s house

It was a week when Congress MLA Sankalpbab Amonkar was under the radar of party MLAs, but for a different reason. The Mormugao MLA along with the Altone-Rudolf duo descending at the residence of Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant to extend Ganesh Chaturthi’s greetings, party MLAs and leaders wonder whether the move was Sankalpbab’s way of drawing attention of the High Command to his claim on the Opposition Leader’s post.  Any questions?

Was AAP MLA promised Edu portfolio in Cong govt?

When reports did the rounds on the eve of counting of votes of the 2022 Assembly polls that the Congress was not averse in seeking AAP’s support to form the government, questions were then raised whether AAP Benaulim candidate, Venzy Viegas, if elected, would be inducted in the Congress cabinet as Education minister. The plan did not fructify after the Congress was stranded with just 11 MLAs. Since his election, Venzybab has taken forward his agenda on Education, for the students and teachers, in Benaulim. It’s another matter that opponents see red and call it an attempt to consolidate gains made in 2022.

When cops enjoyed freehand against anti-socials

What would have been Ravibab Naik’s action if he was presiding over as the Home Minister with murders, drugs, sand mafia et al raising its ugly head in the State? Well, police officials in the know said when the State’s law and order was deteriorating in the early 90’s, Ravibab, who was then in the saddle, gave full freedom to the men-in-uniform to crack a whip against anti-socials. The senior police officer has called for similar action to stem the rot, wondering whether action against drugs can make any headway with the same police officials around. Indeed, time for introspection.

End drug trade? Top cop for stopping late night parties

This piece of advice from a senior police officer may come in handy for Chief Minister Pramodbab Sawant battling the drug menace. The police officer maintained it does not require rocket science to put an end to the drug trade. His advice is simple -- just stop music by 10 pm as per the High Court order and ban EDMs and other festivals organised late night with government permissions. Any takers?

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