Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

An acid test for Vishwajit-Vijai ties over medical college

| MARCH 28, 2021, 12:38 AM IST

Many say that  Goa Forward Chief Vijaibab Sardesdai shares a perfect rapport with Vishwajitbab Rane, so much so that Vijaibab was even accused in many quarters for targeting the Chief Minister instead of the Health Minister during the COVID pandemic. Their relationship now faces an acid test over the proposed private medical college in South district hospital right in Vijaibab’s backyard. 

With MMC polls round the corner, Goa Forward leader Mohandasbab Lolienkar fired shots at rival Damubab Naik for openly batting for the private medical college. But, can Vijaibab get Vishwajitbab to scrap the private medical college project? Only time will tell.

When Luizinho left the Assembly a little early

Why did Navelim veteran MLA Luizinhbab Faleiro leave the Assembly a little early before the Session ended for the day on Friday? Well, sources said it had nothing to do with the Pratima episode. But, Luizinhbab had to rush home as he had given a prior appointment to the South Goa district Committee team headed by President Joe Dias. 

Though what transpired at the meeting could not be immediately ascertained, sources say the district Committee members discussed with Luizinhbab the state of party affairs, including the leadership issue. Wait and watch.

Was Girish indirectly hitting party veterans?

Congressmen are trying to figure out what exactly did GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar mean when he took to the social media, saying the party takes collective responsibility over Pratimabai’s defeat in the Navelim ZP by-poll. By insisting on collective responsibility, was Girishbab conveying the message that party leaders such as Luizinhbab, Digambarbab should also share the responsibility for Pratimabai’sdefeat. 

With Pratimabai quitting the Congress, one question doing the rounds in Navelim is who was responsible for forcing her to contest the ZP by-poll. Many a question indeed remains unanswered.

Vijai ko Congress pe gussa kyon aata hai ...

Congress’ move to induct Rajeshbab Verenkar in the party-fold seemed to have upset the Goa Forward leadership. In fact, Goa Forward Chief Vijaibab Sardesai is believed to have brought the matter to the notice of Opposition leader Digambarbab Kamat. An angry Vijaibab is believed to have demanded to know from Digambarbab whether the Congress is planning to lock horns with Goa Forward candidates in 2022. 

Goa Forward had finalized Venkatesh Dada for Ponda and was expecting the Congress to leave the seat for the regional party. Wait and watch as Vijaibab has threatened to strike back at the Congress.

Pratima may go Broom-vroom for MMC polls

Cong-turned-AAP Pratimabai Coutinho may come in handy for the Arvind Kejrival party to handle the campaign for the ensuing Margao Municipal polls. Before the Municipal polls were cancelled following the Supreme Court’s verdict, Aam Aadmi Party leaders from Saxttidom, including Capt Wenzy Viegas, Roquebab Mascarenhas and Gersonbab Gomes had all pooled in efforts to field a panel for the Margao Municipal polls. With Pratimabai in the party-fold, AAP may find a perfect leader, a former MMC vice-Chairperson, to manage  the Municipal poll campaign. 
Have Diggu and Vijaibab any answer. Wait and watch.

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