Thursday 30 May 2024

Cabral dares to quit politics if found guilty in jobs selection


In the midst of intense speculations over reports that BJP leadership has asked him to step down from office, PWD Minister Nileshbab Cabral has come out with a counter to his opponents within the party and outside. Leave alone quitting the Cabinet, the irrepressible BJP Minister is believed to have conveyed to party bosses that he is ready to quit politics even if one candidate comes forward to claim that jobs were provided for a consideration. Will Cabralbab’s stand have any takers, more so when resentment is brewing within the saffron brigade over the jobs selection? Wait and watch.

Speculations over Aleixo’s induction into Cabinet 

The weekend triggered strong speculations in Saxtti political circles over the induction of Congress turncoat, Aleixobab Sequeira into the Pramodbab Sawant Cabinet, so much so the media called up the heavyweight to figure out the authenticity of the news. In his characteristic style however, Aleixobab left the media and political observers on a guess mode, insisting that neither he had asked for a Cabinet berth or has any idea of the latest reports doing the rounds in political circles over his Cabinet induction. Ask him whether any good news is in store for him, Aleixobab says he has been hearing the reports of good news since the last 14 months. Any questions

Christian Minister to make way for Christian MLA?

It’s a strange coincidence when speculations did the rounds in Saxtti countryside that PWD Minister Nileshbab Cabral may face an axe, reports also spoke of heavyweight Aleixobab Sequeira finding a place in the Pramodbab Sawant Cabinet. What about Congress turncoat, Diggu? How come Aleixobab’s name has suddenly gained precedence over Diggu in the scheme of things? Is it because that the BJP is keen in adopting the criteria that Christian Minister will make way for a Christian MLA? Or, is it something more than meets the eye. Wait and Watch.

Tawadkar under the scanner over ‘Shram Dham’ initiative 

Speaker Rameshbab Tawadkar seemed to have come under the radar of political observers. For, Tawadkar appears keen to take his Shram Dham housing initiative of providing free houses for the homeless across the State. He has unveiled plans to build 100 houses in 2024, not just in his home constituency Canacona, but across Goa. In the bargain, the Scheduled Tribe leader has come under the close lens of political observers, who have been trying to figure out whether Tawadkar has any pan-Goa political plans. Wait and watch as even senior political leaders within the BJP and outside have been left to wonder what’s on Tawadkar’s political agenda.

GSPCB faces questions over action against polluting units

It was a week when the Pollution Control Board and politicians rushed to the town to announce transportation of hazardous zinc waste from the Cuncolim Industrial Estate. But, as the issue of pollution in the Cuncolim IDC takes the centrestage once again, the Board may have to answer a question or two from Cuncolkars – have the GSPCB floated a tender to transport the hazardous zinc waste and whether the Board has shut down any fish meal plant or processing units till date? What about the steel units operating in violation of norms, causing air pollution? Many a question still remains unanswered till date.

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