Tuesday 28 Sep 2021

Chidambaram comes and goes, crisis stays behind


CONGRESS observer P Chidambaram has come and gone, but his visit seemed to have not helped clear the air of confusion on the party leadership tangle. Party rank and file on the ground still has a question or two for the party high command – whether Chidambaram’s visit has capped the leadership tangle. Or, will Opposition leader Digambar and GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar lead the Congress in the 2022 election. And, will the party settle for the status quo without getting a minority face in the scheme of things to keep the party in good stead. Many questions still remain unanswered. 

When Luizinho excused himself from meeting PC

WHERE'S Congress veteran Luizinhbab Faleiro, was a question asked at the Goa International Centre, where Congress observer P Chidambaram was put up during his Goa visit. Many a worker did not see Luizinhbab around at the International Centre while others made a beeline. Realization, however, later dawned that the Navelim MLA had called on Chidambaram moments after he landed at the Dabolim airport. What transpired at the meeting remains unknown. And, the Navelim MLA excused himself from calling on Chidambaram on Thursday as he celebrated a quite birthday with his family away from Navelim. 

Benaulim heading for a no holds barred battle!

BANAULIKARS woke up earlier this week to hear news of midnight clashes between AAP and Churchillbab’s supporters. Many along the coastal belt, however, feel the Thursday midnight clash is just a trailer. AAP leader Capt Wenzybab has hit ground to take on the Varca strongman in 2022. That Churchillbab’s son Savio and nephew Warren were also on the ground, to defend the fort for the strongman, is a sign Benaulim heading for a no holds barred battle. The two sides fought the battle over banners put up for a debate on education, but ended up creating another debate, that of law and order.

Watch out for Mickky’s striking strides in Benaulim

THE CLASH between NCP and AAP workers took place even before Mickkybab Pacheco could descend on the Benaulim election ring. Many were anticipating a clash between the flamboyant former MLA and the Varca strongman no sooner Mickkybab embraced the Congress party. The last time the Churchill-Mickky duo had a bout in the electoral ring was two decades ago in 2002 when Mickkybab emerged as a giant killer. He seemed ready for the ensuing battle against his bete noire as evident by the fact he is in contact with supporters from Benaulim countryside. Wait and watch.

How Girish appreciated Moreno on his birthday

IT WAS a week when GPCC Chief Girishbab Chodankar descended on Curtorim to extend birthday wishes to ex-ZP member Morenobab Rebello, perceived as a challenger to MLA Reginaldbab Lourneco. When Congress observer P Chidambaram was in the town, the GPCC Chief took time off to travel to Curtorim from Panaji to be with Morenobab. He not only fed a piece of birthday cake to Morenobab, but showered praises on him as well, even saying God will reward the ex-ZP member one day. What exact position Girisbhah has in mind for Morenobab is a question doing the rounds in Curtorim political circles.

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