Thursday 29 Sep 2022

Not just Cong, BJP ministers too congratulate Vijai on MMC win


Who are the Ministers who called up the Goa Forward chief after Vijaibab Sardesai and his group successfully checkmated the BJP in the Margao Municipal polls? Well, it’s not only Congress Goa Desk In-Charge, Dinesh Gundu Rao, who sent congratulatory messages to the Goa Forward chief, after the stunning victory in the elections for the MMC chairperson’s post. News is doing the rounds in Saxtti countryside that a couple of Ministers in Chief Minister Pramod Sawant’s Cabinet were quick to greet the Goa Forward chief for the job well executed.

Bracing for no-trust, Kamat takes councillors to Zambaulim temple

Once bitten, twice shy, so goes the saying. Diggu seemed to have now taken complete charge of the mission in his bid to reverse Friday’s result in the Margao Municipal Council. Shocked and red-faced after his candidate lost in the election for the post of MMC chairperson, Diggu is taking no chances any more. He has acted swiftly by getting the councillors sign the no-confidence motion, which is expected to be served next week. That he took the BJP councillors to the Zambaulim temple to swear on the sacred coconut indicates that Diggu means business. Wait and watch.

What’s Vijai’s plan B to counter no-trust against MMC chief?

Has Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai any plan B in place to foil attempts by the saffron brigade to dislodge the newly-elected Margao Municipal Council Chairperson Ganashyambab Shirodkar? No one knows better than the Goa Forward chief that the no-confidence motion is a different ball game. He had managed to get the BJP City Fathers cross vote in favour of his candidate in Friday’s election conducted via secret ballot. Vijaibab, however, is aware that no-confidence motions are decided by show of hands and not by the secret ballot. The countdown has begun.

Cell phones strategy comes in handy to hoodwink poachers

Cell phones seemed to have now come in handy for politicians to hoodwink poachers in times of political upheaval. On the eve of the election for the Margao Municipal chairperson’s post, a couple of BJP-backed councillors had left their handsets home, making the saffron leaders to believe they were all at home when they were all planning and plotting with the rival group. A similar strategy was adopted in the recent past when the saffron leadership desperately tried to woo Congress MLAs when their handsets were flown outside the State, to hoodwink the poachers that the MLAs were out of station. Any questions?

MMC vice-chairperson’s fate sealed in Digambar’s hands 

Margao Municipal Vice-Chairperson, Deepalibai Sawal seemed to have left her fate in the hands of Diggu. After Friday’s political developments, when the BJP suffered a stunning defeat, many had raised eyebrows whether she will stay put on the VCP chair after Vijaibab Sardesai announced that Deepalibai need not quit office in the changing circumstance. Sources now say that Deepalibai had already submitted her resignation to Diggu around the same time when outgoing Chairperson Lyndonbab Pereira had quit office.

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