Which minister will be the sacrificial lamb?


Even before the group of Congress MLAs could switch sides, questions are doing the rounds in Saxttidom as to which Minister in the Pramodbab Sawant government will be the first casualty a la Vijai Sardesai. For, many say the opposition MLAs will not just embrace the saffron brigade unless offered the prized portfolios. Political observers recall how CM Pramodbab had dumped Vijaibab and the two Goa Forward Ministers from his Cabinet in 2019 after the Babus and the Monserrates quit the Congress to join the BJP. Any questions?

Vishwajit’s diktat to SGPDA

Is there any politics behind TCP Minister Vishwajitbab Rane’s action in the SGPDA wholesale fish market? Even as this question has become a subject matter of debate, it’s clear the TCP Minister has asserted that he alone is the boss and will take decisions pertaining to the TCP department. Vishwajitbab’s warning to the PDA member secretary that he would only follow his diktat is a clear signal to all and sundry, including relatives of the powers that be that he would not tolerate anyone interfering in his department. Any questions?

Is Vijai pleased with developments in PDA?

Goa Forward chief Vijaibab Sardesai must be certainly pleased with TCP Minister Vishwajitbab Rane’s swift action in the wholesale fish market. None other than the Goa Forward chief knows for sure how certain groups opposed to him have been working against his interests in the markets. Political observers are trying to figure out whether the Goa Forward chief also played his role from behind to get Vishwajit put his foot firmly down in the PDA. Any takers?

Girish reminds party men of the pledge

It was a week when ex-GPCC chief Girishbab Chodankar re-tweeted a tweet by Congress leader Amarnath Panjikar dated January 22, 2022 with photos of Congress candidates taking a pledge at the Mahalaxmi Temple, Bambolim Cross and the Hazrat Mohamed Dargah-Betim they will not defect if elected. Other than re-tweeting Panjikar’s tweet Girishbab preferred not to offer any further comment. What made Girishbab to retweet the original tweet? Is it because of the strong reports that a group of Congress MLAs are heading to the BJP. Wait and watch.

When siblings held fort for Churchill

Varca strongman Bab Churchill is still holed up abroad, but the Alemao siblings descended on Benaulim constituency on World Environment Day to clear the coastline of the waste. While son Savio and nephew Warren as usual held the fort for the ex-MLA, what surprised political observers was the presence of daughter Sharon bai at the Environment Day programme. Interesting, isn’t it?

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